37 Years Young, My Birthday In Review

37 Years Young, My Birthday In Review

(Yes I get paid awesome money to train amazing females, it’s a rough job but someone has to do it!)

Good Bye 36! Hello 37!

Time goes by fast, don’t ever forget that.  The one thing you can never negotiate is time.

You can always get a new job, a new girlfriend (or boyfriend), a new body, make more money, or whatever floats your boat.

There is one thing you can’t negotiate and that is time.

Cherish it. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.

Celebration Bitches!

Looking back I had a few goals for my big day and I nailed em and I am proud of that.  But aside from hitting my goals I was lucky enough to spend the day training some amazing people who spent 6 weeks busting their butts to get in the best shape possible.  I was dieting and training right along with them through the 6 weeks, they made me proud in more ways than I can say.

I had 2 main goals that i set for myself at the beginning of Jan 2011 to reach by my birthday of Feb 26.

1. Reach 175lbs (that may seem light but at one point I was 230 lbs and pretty round).  Getting off the couch was hard work, no more.  I want to be big, but I also want to be able to move and be healthy.  Having a 405 lb bench doesn’t mean shit to me if I can’t move and be active.

2. Finish a Book I had been working on for a few months about Nutrition.  See I really disdain Nutrition.  I don’t know why, I just do.  I hate walking into the kitchen, I hate talking about Nutrition oh and I HATE cooking.  However, just because I don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the VALUE of Nutrition.  I just don’t find it exciting.

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Well I am patting myself on the back right now and last night I celebrated with some good friends, drank some ice cold MGD beers, ate some amazing birthday cake and had a great time.

When you reach a goal, take a moment, celebrate that small success, stop and smell the roses kind of deal!

Goal 1. Get to 175lb

When I started 6 weeks ago I had let myself go pretty good.  It was Jan 15th and I was just getting over the Christmas Hangover, ya know, too much food and drinking but it’s Christmas.  Gotta live a little.  That’s life.

I start my nutrition and training I was 189 lbs.  Too big for me now at 5 7″.  I knew I needed to cut.  Funny enough every time I “diet” (fuk I hate that word lol), or should I say every time I improve my nutrition I usually build muscle.  I have pretty good “Muscle Memory” and 10 years of heavy lifting and training the muscle comes back quick.  I set a goal to do the following

  • Eat clean the whole week, Saturday night I would have a “TREAT” night as long as I was on track
  • Train every day, Only taking a day off when my body said to rest
  • Weights at least 3 days a week.  Not bodybuilding exercises, mostly full body workouts
  • Min 5 days cardio of at least 30 min steady state cardio (Boring but feels awesome once it’s done)
  • Supplements (Meal Replacement, Fish Oils, BCAA’s, Pre Workout, Fat Burner, and some other stuff I played with)
  • Weigh myself WEEKLY and make sure every week I hit my goal. If my weight stuck, NO treat Sat and MORE cardio
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I set this plan for 6 weeks knowing my birthday would be on Saturday Feb 26.

I now have another goal set for March 15.  Today I enjoy, tomorrow back to the gym, HARD!

The Result? Goal Accomplished

Goal #2 – Finish my Muscle Building Nutrition Book

I decided to write a book on Nutrition for one main reason.  I am pretty sick of answering questions about BASIC nutrition all the time and I wanted something that was pretty easy to read, basic, to the point, that would help a ton of people that I could sell for a really fair price.

Mission accomplished!  –> www.MuscleBuildingNutritionBook.com

As much as I hate Nutrition I am the first one to ALWAYS look at someone’s nutrition before anything else no matter their gains.

Want to build more Muscle?  Look at your Nutrition!

Want to lose fat?  How’s your Nutrition?

Recovery sucks?  How is your Nutrition?

See a common theme here?

Nutrition matters, it matters more than anything else.  Which is why I felt the need to write a good intro book about Nutrition and Building Muscle!  See I can tell people all day long to improve their nutrition, but without a good plan or direction I am basically pissing in the wind.  So I decided to come out with something that would really fill a gap right now, and I did just that with Muscle Building Nutrition.

If you know you know that I am all about value.  I don’t mind paying for something that quality, you”get what you pay for” in life, but I also don’t believe in ripping people off.

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There are way way too many “Internet Fitness Products” out there now for like close on $100 which I just think is insane!  I don’t mind paying $20 for a GOOD book, but $100, damn!

Which I why I decided to sell Muscle Building Nutrition for LESS than $20.  That way ANYONE can afford it.  It’s only fair.

Muscle Building Nutriton Combo For $20

I remember when I started lifting weights and I was BROKE.  I mean BROKE BROKE.   A $30 a month YMCA membership used to kill me financially, all I could afford was 1 muscle magazine a month so I wanted to make sure when I bought one, it was well worth the coin.

Which is why I made Muscle Building Nutrition Affordable AND AWESOME.  So no matter what stage you are in your life, this will be the best $20 you can spend on improving your body and building more MUSCLE!

So there it is, another year.  Now it’s time for me to refocus, I got new goals to achieve and more people to help.

I would love to hear from you and remember it is MY GOAL to always do as much as I can to help you.  So please feel free to reply to my blog, email me, comment on Facebook, or whatever works.

All the best and I really look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Mike

    Hey Rob, Happy late birthday by the way. I just had a quick question for you. I have been taking pink magic like you recomended and I love it so far. I was wondering if you’ve heard about this new supplement that came out by USPlabs called Yok3d? I want to try it but i’m not to familiar with it. Just wondering if you could tell me if its a good one. Thanks!!

  • Hey Rob,

    Quick Question, when you say You would “have a treat” on Saturday night, what is an example of a treat you would have?

    I find my problem with cheat days or meals is they often never have limits haha..

    what is an example and amount of what you would reward yourself with after a week of clean eating?


  • Rob King

    Hey Chris

    It really depends dude. Sometimes I just eat whatever the f*k i want, other times I have something small. I hear ya on stoping man, as much as I hate wasting, one thing I do is when i ahve a junk night the next am its ALL GONE. Garbage… cuz if its there I will eat it.

    I throw out food at times, but I also ALWAYS donate. A wrong doesnt make a right, but if food is in my house it gets eaten. I guess thats why german shepherd loves chocolate chip cookies lol


  • Rob King

    Hey Mike

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

    It looks good, i love USP labs, but i tend to ignore “hype and marketing” but I will try it big time!

    I plan to do a TON of reviews my new supplement blog check it out and make some posts http://www.FreeSupplementReviews.com

    Love some feedback from you.