Announcing Clarex Canada

Announcing Clarex Canada

The last few weeks I have been working on something VERY big for Heavyweights and my clients and readers.

I started my fitness business in 1999 at my parents’ house.  From one shelf of supplements I have grown Heavyweights into a fitness community like no other.

Today I am very proud to announce that Heavyweights is now the official Canadian Distributor of Clarex.

If you are not familiar with Clarex, keep reading because I love this supplement.

It’s amazing for focus, improved mood, energy and also the BEST cure for a hang over :).

But before I give you more info on Clarex, I have to tell you a really cool story and how crazy life can be and how things work out.

Two years ago I was at the Arnold Classic Weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  I have been to the Arnold many times; maybe 10 times in the last 15 years.  It’s an amazing weekend full of everything fitness, training, supplements, and a little bit of crazy partying too :).

At the Arnold, one thing they do is always give away samples of fat burners, pre-workouts, energy drinks and supplements.  We were in the middle of the Arnold on a Saturday afternoon and I was feeling pretty gross and tweaked out.  Too many pre-workouts, fat burners and all the samples everyone was handing out.

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I literally said to Josh Sullivan “Josh man, all I want is something to make me feel good and sharper.  I am tired of all these pre-workouts tweaking me out.” As I turned around to keep walking, I looked up and saw the Clarex booth.

We talked to the guys at the booth, and since Clarex was just coming on the scene, they had very limited stock and promo. Using our charm we managed to get about 12 sample packs.  So we were set for the weekend.

From that moment two years ago I have been using and promoting Clarex and I can honestly say it is one of my favorite supplements to use personally.

For the last few years we have been selling Clarex at Heavyweights Supplements & Heavyweights Training Center and I have been using it myself.  I take 2 tabs in the morning or 2 tabs pre-workout.

Fast forward two years and after Clarex seeing the amazing success and our mission of health and positivity, they contacted me and wanted Heavyweights to become the Canadian distributor.

I am VERY proud to announce that Heavyweights is now the exclusive Canadian distributor for Clarex in Canada.


I am beyond excited because I believe in this supplement and I love their mission.

Clarex – Eliminate Mental Limits.

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You can read more about how Clarex got started by reading their story HERE

“What started out on the campus of Harvard Medical School as a study aid, quickly took on new life.

Word soon started to spread about Eugene Chan’s formulation.

It increased his level of focus – when taken on a daily basis it was found to support brain and neural function, increase concentration and motor skills.

Dr. Chan graduated summa cum laude. Today, his work has been praised in the pages of Fortune, Forbes, Esquire, Newsweek, Scientific American and The New York Times.

Welcome to a revolution in mental clarity.”

I am a big believer in focusing, setting goals, staying positive and feeling great which is why I am proud to be associated with Clarex.

For more information connect with me on Clarex Canada’s Facebook Page.

Every day we will be doing give always, posting motivational and positive images and doing our best to “Eliminate Mental Limits”

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