Facebook Fitness QnA

Facebook Fitness QnA

A few months ago I used to do a “Facebook Fitness QnA” where I would take 30 min and have people like you ask any questions on Fitness, Training, Supplements, Fat Loss etc.

I would do this on Facebook every day for 30 min for free.

It was pretty simple concept and it worked big time.

Then I got really busy opening up my gym Heavyweights Training Center and I stopped doing it.

Now that my gym is up and running (and it’s freakin awesome might I add. Video tour coming very soon), I wanted to get my Facebook Fitness QnA going again.

I will do this if I get 50 “Likes” on this blog post.

So hit the “Like” button and even better leave a comment below with any feedback or questions as I would love to hear from you.

Bottom line is I tell it like it is, I don’t BS, I don’t sugar coat, and I am always as helpful as I can be.

So….How about hitting the “Like” button now and once I get to 50 I will start up my Facebook Fitness QnA again!

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