Happy Thanksgiviging!

Happy Thanksgiviging!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers, and if your not Canadian well Happy Thanksgiving anyways!

More often than not we never take the time to stop and appreciate all that we have so I am going to do this right now.  Because I am beyond grateful for all that I have in my life and the amazing people around me.

So here is my list of big things I am thankful for.  I could write a book on this, but here are my top ones.

I am grateful for my health.  Without this nothing else really matters.  The days of abusing and treating my body like garbage are long gone.  Without my body & my health I have nothing, so I am grateful to be have my health. If you spend more money on your car, your house, and material stuff than “investing” in yourself (Mind and Body), you may want to re-think your decisions.  You can buy another house, another car, your body is yours, treasure it.

I am grateful for an amazing, awesome, intelligent, hard working girlfriend Danielle.  How she puts up with my ADD, my quirks,  my work addiction, and of course my eccentric nature, I am truly grateful.

I am grateful to have a business where I can work all day yet not work at all.  My work is my passion and I love every minute of it.  Everyone always sees the good, they never see the bad, the struggles, the hardships, but it’s all part of it.  I am grateful to have a business where I am changing lives and making people’s lives better.  There is no other business I would rather be in, and no amount of money that would make me do anything different than what I do right now, I am truly grateful.

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I am grateful for my amazing staff and the great people involved in my business.  My business is not me, it is a handful of amazing people that go above and beyond what is expected of them.  Without you guys there would be no business, I am truly grateful.

I am grateful for my amazing HWTC members & HW Store customers.  When I get texts and emails and messages about your success’s it makes all the stresses and struggles I have gone through to create my business worthwhile. Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven, well my clients and seeing their victories is my version of heaven.  I love you all and it was only two short years ago where I almost closed my gym and was ready to walk away, I am glad I never “gave up” on my passion and followed my heart and listening to the right people.  I am truly grateful.

I am grateful for the few, but close friends that I have.  There are not many people you can count on in this world, but I am grateful to know that you don’t need thousands of friends, you just need a few quality ones.  The last few years I have had many “Friends” show their true colors, but I have also had true friends continue to show theirs.  To my best friends I am truly grateful for you guys, more than you can ever know.

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I am grateful for my extended family of fur balls that drive us crazy on a daily basis.  Our 4 dogs and 2 cats may drive us crazy most of the day but I love every minute of it. When I come home every day it’s like Christmas to them, and that is an amazing feeling.

I am grateful for my freedom.  We live in a free society but most of us aren’t “free”.  I have had to work damn hard to create a life I enjoy and I am really grateful for it. I am grateful for my ability to travel, to see the world, to meet great & influential people that have made my life, my business, and my existence  better.  The world is bigger than your bubble, get outside of it, it’s a great feeling. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

And I am grateful for anyone and everyone who reads my writings, my rants, my books, my blog posts.  I plan to make this blog an extension of me and my personality.  It won’t be for everyone, but I plan to help and educate (and laugh with) as many of my new friends as possible.

So Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for?

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