Have You Ever Trained CrossFit? Need your feedback!

Have You Ever Trained CrossFit? Need your feedback!

PLEASE NOTE : I am NOT becoming a cross fit member or trainer.

I will be making a blog post on this soon and you can read some of the NASTY emails sent to me by the higher up CrossFit managers.  To say I was shocked and upset is beyond belief!

They actually threatened me (legally & personally) for using the crossfit name WHEN I HAD PAID IN ADVANCE TO DO THE COURSE (they billed me in advance).  Needless to say I want nothing to do with CrossFit or the people involved.

I love ALL Aspects of Fitness, but despise it when people brand fitness to MAKE MONEY Which is all Crossfit has become.  A licensing machine.

Sad indeed.


So 2 weeks ago I decided to try something different and I registered to be a CrossFit Trainer/Coach!

I am pretty excited about it as the type of training seems like a serious challenge and a nice break from my past training endeavors!

CrossFit is HUGE across the USA and Canada but it really hasn’t caught on here in the east coast yet!  So I decided to sign up and give it a try!  I cant wait to try anything new & different training wise as I find any type of training gets stale after a while and change is good!

If you aren’t familiar with the training just check out www.CrossFit.com.

IF you are interested in getting the jump on and trying this training once I start the classes in June just go HERE and I will notify when you training will be ready to go!  Keep in mind this isn’t a bodybuilding workout!  This is going to be INTENSE and somewhat different than most normal workouts!  BUT if you are looking for a change and want to really take your training & fitness to a whole other level then this may be for YOU!

If you have any feedback as I said please post it up!!!

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  • Reed

    Hey Rob, yes the last 1.5years I have been using Crossfit workouts and methods. Great stuff. Its very challenging, but its great. Complete different way of working out, but I noticed a differnce in my stamina and endurance shortly after. Let me know when you get this going. Good Luck

  • Gus

    Hi Rob, I came across Crossfit a few years ago when I was in the militia. It was being piloted as a physical training model in the Canadian Forces at the time, though I don’t know if it was adapted or not. The hardest part about Crossfit (other than not vomiting) is finding a place to do it. I’m really looking forward to signing up when you get it on the go. Good luck!

  • john carew

    In Theater(AFGHANISTAN), CROSS FIT is huge!!!!Everyone is doing some sort of cross fit.The Canadian, American, and Australian Special Operation Forces use it extensively. when THE TEMPERATURE REACHES 45C, IT BECOMES A CHALLENGE TO COMPLETE THE EXERCISES!! If you want a full body workout, if you want to feel like some one ran over you with a tank, if you want to get FIT, then cross fit is for you…AWESOME workout.


  • Rob King

    Hi John

    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

  • Phil Temple

    Hey Rob,

    I started Crossfit 3 years ago in Halifax and at the time it was very unknown there but now it is a big thing in Halifax with the team at Titans MMA bringing it mainstream there. It has been the HARDEST workout I have ever done, and the bonus is there are so many different routines you can switch up that it never gets boring. I think it will be a great success here in Newfoundland. Let me know when you get it on the go in St.Johns as I am now a resident here for the next 4 years !

  • Peter Barbour

    Hi Rob,

    I think its great that your exploring new way to bring fitness and training to Newfoundland! However in saying that, I would caution you against the CrossFit program.

    Crossfit definatly taxes the system as that type of circuit training is really challenging Metabolicly and people will absolutely lose body fat while doing it. My issue is not with the physical changes it will cause, but more from an injury stand point. Many of the encouraged exercises either completely bastardizes quality power exercises by turning them into an aerobic workout or uses exercises that will clearly cause major damage to people’s backs (refer to Dr. Stu McGill’s lower back research). The Crossfit program does not focus on the key elements of working out (ie. proper form, muscular balance, and custumization) but mainly on just on “beating people up” in order to lose weight.

    Keep up the great work of bring Training and Fitness to the Rock, I hope you don’t take my comments in a negative light!

    Take care,


  • Rob King

    Hi Peter & nice hearing from you!

    Actually I TOTALLY AGREE with you. I don’t think any workout system is a be all end all. And I like some things about crossfit and some things I dont like. I will keep an open mind but I dont have faith in just one thing.

    As well personally for a lot of the olympic lifts and heavy lifts I cant do because of a old back injury.

    My plan is to experiment and learn as much as I can, take what I can learn and apply and see what works and what doesnt!

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Rob King

    Nice hearing from you Phil.

  • Sandy

    Cross fit is awesome…I just joined 3 months ago and the results are amazing. Humbling too as I thought I was fit until I joined this! Hope you start this in NL so when I come home on vacations I have a place to work out.

  • Gus

    In response to Peter’s comments regarding increased probability of injury, it is important to note that there is an inherent risk of physical injury with any physically demanding fitness program. Crossfit does place great demands on the body, since it incorporates power, strength, speed and endurance, but the risk of injury can be minimized by scaling the workouts to a level that is manageable by the user. This goes for any fitness program; start off light and gradually increase the intensity as your body becomes physicaly conditioned.

    The only article I have been able to find regarding injury rates associated with Crossfit was published by the CF Infantry School in 2006. It’s found at http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/Austere-Result-Brief_Aug-06.pdf. The results of their six week study found that only one participant out of 23 reported an injury (strained shoulder from climbing a rope). From personal experience with the CF, this is an incredibly low injury rate.

    If you dive into Crossfit tryng to complete the posted workout of the day as prescribed, I would agree that the risk of injury will be great, especially if there is a lack of experience with some of the power moves. However, if you start slow, study the moves, concentrate on form, and keep the weight light, the risk of injury will be minimal. Just my $0.02.

  • Rob King

    Great post Gus, thanks for the comments!

  • Billy Shand

    Hello! I am a big CrossFitter here in Chicago, IL and will be in St Johns for a bit over a week in July for a wedding and I’m looking for a box to CrossFit at while in NL. Do you open classes to drop in’s like they do here in the US? Thank you!
    B Shand

  • Rob King

    Hey Billy

    Nice hearing from you.

    I was suppose to get certfied via crossfit next weekend, but i won UFC tickets so it has to be done later the summer

    If you want to drop in for a workout just email me. we can def hook you up!!


  • Billy Shand

    Thanks a lot, Rob, I’m really looking forward to coming up to St. John’s tomorrow. Are you back from Newport Beach?

    Also, I was wondering if there a link that you can share with me on where your facility is and perhaps a schedule so that I may come by? Thanks so much, I look forward to meeting you.

    B Shand

  • Hi Rob,

    I’ve been ‘crossfitting’ for about 2 years now, and think that the program is challenging, and pushes the body to its limits. Moreover, I am of the mind that if you follow the crossfit workout of the day religiously, it may be conducive to injury. However, clarification is necessary!

    Another respondent had mentioned that it “bastardizes quality power exercises by turning them into an aerobic workout,” but this could not be further from the truth (sorry Peter!). First of all, crossfit integrates both aerobic training and anaerobic training, and does not turn power exercises into aerobic exercises (how could this be the case?? You’re oxygen deprived, clearly anaerobic).

    One who follows crossfit will be quick to point that the program is cyclical; it varies from high-volume training, intended to build stamina and endurance, to low-volume training – intended to build strength and power.

    Like any program, crossfit is not without its flaws. However, when executed properly, under the close supervision of a qualified trainer, crossfit can provide a safe and effective means of “forging elite fitness.”

  • Rob King

    Hey Guys

    i got a very nasty post coming up on Crossfit. Not about their training, more about their management and people at the upper levels running things.

    Once you read this blog post you will be shocked…trust me!

  • Shera

    You keep claiming that you will be getting crossfit certified, but yet you never do… Are you getting certified or not? Will your mma center have the gear to do ALL crossfit exercises, or not?

    What is your current training credentials? Besides attending multiple seminars are you a certified personal trainer through a reputable source? Any certified trainer could teach cross-fit style exercises and build a great workout for people without being crossfit certified. From looking at “About Me” I gathered that you love to lift weights (which does not make you a trianer), you love taking multiple supplements (which does not make you a nutritional expert), but you frequently have injuries, and you failed out of University several times.

    Personally, I would be hesitant on training with somebody who keeps hurting himself due to his training, and has not displayed that he is even qualified to train others in becoming healthier people. You may be qualified to teach marshal arts though, due to your pictures showing you earned some colors of belts….

  • Steve

    I have been a “CrossFitter” for about 2 years now, and am a certified CrossFit coach, and nothing makes me angrier than people shitting on it who obviously don’t know what it is about. If you knew anything about it you would understand CrossFit is about doing things the right way. You learn to do deadlifts, squats, Olympic weightlifting from QUALIFIED individuals. Not just people who say they are qualified. It’s about being healthy (in more areas then just muscular strength) Just because you did a bodybuilding show once, or can bench press 300lbs does not make you qualified.

    There are reasons why you deadlift and squat in a particular way, and if you understand human anatomy and physiology you would understand why doing a power clean or snatch with less than your 1 rep max isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even though there is a place for that as well.

    I have been working in the fitness industry for some time now as well as completing a kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary and Nelson is right, CrossFit is not perfect, but if taught by a qualified coach it would be beneficial for almost anyone who isn’t an elite athlete. It is only conducive to injury if you are not scaling your workouts as required or not performing proper excercise technique as would be instructed by a quality coach.

    I am a Newfoundlander and was looking into bringing a legitimate CrossFit to St. John’s and that’s how I stumbled upon this. So I do hope CrossFit has something to say about you using their name. Oh, and CrossFit is a trademarked name, you cannot just use it without permission. Especially when you have no idea what it is about. I really hope that is what your next post is about.

  • Chantel

    Hey, I am just wondering if there is crossfit offered on St. John’s. I have heard many great things about it and am very interested in joining.


  • gaucoin

    Did you pay the affiliate fee?

  • Rob King


    Dude I paid IN ADVANCE 3 months out to get certified…then I started using the crossfit brand to build interest (via this blog), and they FREAKED at me and cursed me out and pulled me, and refunded my money.

    Really bunch of professional cult leaders, I mean business owners…

    I like some things about crossfit….their head office management isnt one of them.

  • Rob King

    And I LOVE people who criticize with fake names and emails. Just shows the awesome people that have nothing better to do all day than post via anonymous on blogs….l