The Heavyweights Classic Revisted

The Heavyweights Classic Revisted

For 5 years me and my good friend Fraser (aka Buff on the Heavyweights message board), pulled off one of, if not THE BIGGEST BodyBuilding & Figure events in Atlantic Canada (and I say even Canada), The Heavyweights Classic!

This was something that we both decided to create after the poor quality of shows and overall just feeling that it could be SO much better!  So we decided over 5 years ago to create the HWC aka The Heavyweights Classic!

Although it was a LOT of work for all of us involved and we pulled off memories!

  • Brining in 3 time Mr. Olympia JAY CUTLER TWICE!!
  • Brining in Mr. Olmpia 2nd place winner Branch Warren (Awesome Guy)
  • Brining Back Newfoundlands Own Beast Frank “The Animal” McGrath
  • Brining In “Marvelous” Melvin Anthony (Man could this guy pose!!!)
  • Making up the COOLEST Trophy Ever The Conan Sword!!
  • Getting people off their asses on on stage!  We made people believe ANYONE could “do a show” with the right support and direction.
  • Making the HWC an Event to be looked forward to!

The Heavyweights Classic highlighted some of Newfoudnland’s Best BodyBuiders to ever hit the stage!

I thought it would be a good time to bring back some of the memories with some cool videos and pictures.

The HWC meant a LOT to me (and I am sure some reading this), I wold love some replies to this blog post so please post em up!!

(Give the video a minute trust me it is awesome!)

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  • brandon

    great event, love to see you bring it back

  • Billy drover

    I always loved the heavyweight classic experience. Keeps me motivated. Wish there can be another one

  • Stephen

    I loved these shows and want them back. They were very professionally done. In my opinion on the same level as a play or musical put off at the arts and culture center…..or even better. They are inspirational and great promotion for a sport that is on the fringe.

    Great job in the past guys, how about one more for the fans!!!!!

  • Those were the best shows in Newfoundland. Who knows Rob, with the sport growing bigger here there may be room for 2 shows again 😉

  • Candace

    Before seeing my first Heavyweights Classic I was as interested in body building/figures as I was in watching paint dry. I went to my first HWC in 2008 and well….. I was bit. Not only did the HWC inspire me to work my ass off to compete in my first competition in 2009, but just a few months later I attended (as a spectator only, lol) the biggest bodybuilding and sports expo on the planet…. the Arnold Classic! I’ve gone from zero interest to a major supporter, lover, and competitor of the sport all because of the Heavyweights Classic. Many thanks to Rob and the rest of the crew that made the HWC what it was and hopefully what it might be again someday.

  • Jon Chafe

    i can’t believe i missed out on the experience of the HWC. from all the hype it has gotten from people who have been involved and those who were simply in attendance you can tell it was definitly one of the best show on the go. Would love to see the HWC come back. so many big names listed that have come for it, no other show in NL will ever bring those kinds of names unfortunitly. Pics look soo awesome, i am jealous of anyone who got to be in attendance to these events.