Join My New Message Board

Join My New Message Board

It’s early Sunday morning and I’m working.  I was called a “Workaholic” the other day.  I had to think about that for a second.  Then I realized that IF i love my work then being a workaholic isn’t a bad thing is it :).

I love my job and I love helping people with their fitness & training so working on a Sunday morning I don’t consider a bad deal.

Anyways let me cut to the chase.

I am just putting the finishing touches on my NEW Message Board “The Heavyweights Message Board 2.0”.  You can check it out by clicking this link

I would love for you to sign up and post!  Come tell me about your training, favorite supplements, movies, whatever!  My last message board was INSANELY POPULAR and I plan to make this one even better (I had to upgrade because the forum software code was old school).

So head over to sign up, make some posts, ask some questions, help some people and lets see if we cant make this a killer forum with tons of QUALITY info & personality!

All the best & I Hope you enjoy it!


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  • segun

    hello to all. by the gods don’t ever use food to comfort your self, when your depressed. this is what happened to me and as a result i became, morbidly over weight. at my heaviest i weighed in at 142.74 kilograms (you can work out how many pounds that is). i sorta lost my marbles at 18, and became psychotic and depressed. not to be to specific about it. and now i am 26 and 114 kilos i cant shake those last 24 kilos of spare tyres.
    though i have tried to loose them. i work out every second day and most other days weather and well being permitting i go for a bush walk. i eat mostly veg with meat twice weekly, and very very rarely do i eat out. i was taken off of my meds four years ago. so essentially over four years i 28 kilos, and for twelve months have maintained my current weight. any suggestions as to how to shed a further 24 kg safely and naturally?