June 15 – Day 1

June 15 – Day 1

Monday June 15, 2009
I had a great day training today.  It feels nice having a goal, having something to motivate me, make me get to the gym, no, even better, make me WANT to get to the gym! It has been a long time since i have focused on my own training. I am usually working a lot and helping others get their goals.  It is nice to have some goals for myself.


Weights 845-945 am.

Push day. Did some standing bar shoulder press. Single arm bar push press. Bench press with DBs 5 reps, explosive push with slow negative followed by 20 rep medicine ball tosses. Then did some single arm DB bench presses (great for core stability).

415-5pm Kickboxing sparring. 3 min rounds. Did around 6 rounds with some breaks in between. I realized during this that my cardio is in rough shape and I need to work on this big time. By the end of the sparing I had some nice welts on my forehead from blocking jabs with my head (note this is the wrong way to block a jab lol)
815-945 Jiu Jitsu class. A lot of technical. Some rolling at the end of class had a good sweat going.

I felt like crap before going to Jiu Jitsu, but now that I am home I feel a lot better and got my 2nd wind it seems. Body aches but feel a lot better.

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Nutrition & Supplements :

Clean food all day. Carb & proteins post workout, rest of the day tried to keep carbs low. Not too concerned about cutting stuff yet. Want to see how my body goes with clean food. If my weight doesn’t come down by Monday Ill start cutting carbs a bit. Need to increase steady state cardio to 4-5 1 hr sessions a week just for fat burning.

Supplements. Using myoplex and myofusion. Getting 3-4 shakes a day. Taking BCAA’s after every training session. Used Jacked from USP labs pre workout tonight, great for concentration. Animal Pak multi vitamin and lots of Nutrasea fish oil. ZMA before bed with ½ glass red wine. Also taking Piracetam to help with focus and concentration.

That’s it for today…bed soon. Weights 845 am. Going to make the weight sessions a bit faster paced to get the cardio and fat loss better. Not concerned about being big or strong at all now. My weakness is cardio.

1230am.. bedtime…weights in the AM

Lesson learned today – My cardio really needs work!

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