June 20

June 20

Another beautiful day here. You could swear Newfoundland has become a tropical island lol.

When i woke up this morning everything hurt. Joints were killing me, back was achy, i was pretty damn tired. Had a hot shower, did some stretching and it helped a lot. Once I got moving i wasn’t so bad. The joys of getting old I guess lol.

Training : Did 5-3 minute roads at Bushido with Damien. The rounds consisted of 1 min each stand up, wrestling & jiu jitsu. Each round we changed the order. IE Rd 1. 1 min kickboxing, 1 min wrestling, 1 min grappling. Rest 1 min, Round 2, 1 min grappling, 1 min wrestling, 1 min kickboxing.

It was a fantastic circuit. The wrestling is really exhausting and fatiguing. But we got through 5 rounds which was great!

After that we did some very light pushing movements in the gym. A lot of hammer strength stuff to give the joints a break.

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