June 22

June 22

I weighed myself this AM and was happy that I am down a few pounds. I weighed 187lb this AM. I was around 192 ish last monday. My weight has been fluctuating all week, but my goal for monday was 187, and I got it.

My new goal for next monday is 184lb. Its a lot, but i think I can do it. My goal for the fights is to hit 175/176. I figure i can take out 5lbs of water.

I felt really good when I woke up this morning. Wasnt sore (like usual lol), and had great overall energy.

Training :
9am Weights- Push
Fantastic Workout!
-Kettlebell dumbell presses on floor, raising arm to full extension and 1/2 bridge.
-Hammer strength press followed by box plyometric push ups
-Bench presses from the floor
-TRX Bench press and flyes

4pm MMA Circuits.
REALLY pleased with todays circuits.
Damien and I did 5-5 min rounds. Every 30 seconds alternating exercises.
6 stations
1. Medicine ball throws at wall
2. Plyometric box jumps
3. Boxing with light dumbells
4. Bar Cleans
5. Moutain climbers or knee on belly drill
6. Tire & Sledgehammer

I did one round with the weighted vest, damien did 3 rounds with the vest which is mental.

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