June 25

June 25

OK Quick update, the last 2 days have been hell.

Tuesday Danielle and I drove to Grand Falls to get some mats for Bushido. It was a great deal and good mats so I couldnt pass it up. Anyways…9 hrs driving meant NO training that day. Exhausthing wasnt the word. Not fun.

Lots Of Leg Room!!

Lots Of Leg Room!!

We needed mats but it made for a long ride

We needed mats but it made for a long ride

Yesterday I got 1 workout in with Jason Hayward on boxing, it was awesome. hands felt great, then we had to reorganize all of bushido for the mats. So that was a brutal day also…

Today back to NORMAL and feeling good!

Training :
Did hand pads with Jason Hayward for an hour this afternoon. Felt great, good workout and hands felt real good. Relaxing and feeling faster with my hands.

3pm had a session with Phil Alcock at Core Health Spa, he had me hooked up for a tens type treatment on my back and hamstrings, felt awesome.

430-530 Wrestling & circuits at Bushido. Some wrestling for warm up, then some circuits. Mike Samson, Damien Hayes and Me.

Circuits were a mixture. Round 1 Pulls. 3 Min. each round 30 seconds.
Rope pulls with 2 plates
Alternating cleans with 30lb Kettle bell
Explosive med ball push high.

Next circuit Push
Plyo box jumps,
kettle ball alternating floor press doing bycle with legs
95lb bar cleans

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We did a few more stations, with wrestling shots and pick ups, trx push ups, power cleans, heavy kettle bell pick ups etc. was a lot and i cant write it all down. I need a vid cam for clips.

Resting now, kickboxing tonight

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