Welcome To The New Rob King Fitness Blog

Welcome To The New Rob King Fitness Blog

Welcome to my New & Improved Blog!

I love to blog, and I love to help people, so I figured a new & improved blog would be a great start to what I plan to be some very big things in the near future.

With my blog I plan to really open up everything I know and “Pay It Forward” so to speak.

I plan to offer nothing but  the best information on Training, Nutrition, Supplements, Physique Transformation, but I also plan to really open things up both personally & business wise.

I am very passionate about my business and it is not something I talk about much.  However as my business grows I see more and more people who may want to start their own business and follow their passion (as I have done), and many others who are running a business and have no clue on what to do to improve their business.

So I plan to open this blog up to encompass Fitness, Business, Lifestyle.

I started my Fitness Business with $200 in cash and an mail order catalog I made with an excel spreadsheet.  From there it has been a roller coaster ride!

I have literally helped THOUSANDS of people in their Fitness Journey, whether to get them Bigger, Stronger, Faster, More Athletic, More Confident, you name it, I have helped people with it.

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So with RobKingFitness I wanted to open the curtain on how to live a BETTER LIFE.

I plan to share with you everything I know that has made my life better in hopes that my knowledge & experiences can improve Your Health, Your Fitness, & Your Lifestyle.

Let me know how I can help you anytime with questions, blog post suggestions, topics to cover etc.

I am here to help you.

Robert King

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  • alain gonzalez

    Blog looks amazing brother. You are one hell of an inspiration. Keep doing your thing and congrats on all of the success.

  • Thank you Alain and as always nice hearing from you. Much appreciated.