Saturday Night In Vegas

Saturday Night In Vegas


So get this, it’s a Saturday night in vegas I am back at my hotel room, chillin, getting ready to head to bed to get some rest.

What?  Vegas?  Saturday Night….bed early?

Rob is that you?

Nuts hey..  Vegas.. Sat Night…me going to bed…

lf you know me at all that don’t sound like “Rob King”, damn everyone knows I like a good party! Keith Richards ain’t got nothing on me!

Why am I not tearing it up in Vegas on a Saturday night?

I am doing this because tomorrow I wanna TRAIN!

I have a goal that by next weekend (my 37th Birthday, ugh), that I would really commit to a program and do my best to make the best gains possible in the shortest time possible. So tomorrow I need not just One workout but TWO!

Yes, a weekend in Vegas in the sun and I am doing TWO a day workouts.

When was the last time YOU took your training this serious?

When was the last time had a goal?

Don't Get The Wrong Idea!

When was the last time you set a deadline?

Seriously I want you to think about it for a second.  Trust me this is some good sh*t coming your way.

When was the last time you set a GOAL?

On paper?

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Wrote it down on paper??

My guess?


So listen up and I am going to give you a “secret” (ok that sounds gay lol), seriously I am going to share with you something that is gonna blow your gains through the ceiling!    No Joke, you do this and REALLY focus in on it and do your best and I can guarantee better gains than ANY training program you have done, any supplement you have used… Anything!!

Wanna know what that is?

Get ready…this is gonna be awesome, it cost you nothing, and gives you gains faster than ANYTHING else you have used…..

It’s called a Pen & Paper! (sorry if you were expecting a new MuscleTech Supplement lol).

Here is how you make KILLER CRAZY Progress in the gym.

Step 1.  Write a goal


I want to bench 20lbs more
I want to add 40lbs to my squats
I want to gain 6lbs of muscle
I want to lose 8lbs of fat
I want to ask out that girl that works at the gym (hey I am helping you out here!)

Anyways I don’t care what YOUR goal is, all that matters is you WRITE IT DOWN.

Step 2. Set a DEADLINE.

Hanging with BodyBuilding's "Mr. California"

OK…So you listened to me and wrote down your goal, awesome I am proud of you!   You have done more than 99% of the people reading this who just ignore it and go on and don’t listen.

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Their loss, your gain.

Now I want you to set a DEADLINE.  Got it?

So we got “I want to increase my bench by 30 lbs”.  Now add the DEADLINE.

“I want to increase my bench by 30 lbs BY MARCH 31 (5 Weeks).

I dare you to do it right now!! Don’t Fu*k Around!

Seriously, grab a pen & paper, open up Microsoft word and do this right now

1. Set A Goal
2. Set A Deadline

Do it right now and post it on my blog!  Take a pic with your Iphone of your notes or write em down here!

Here are mine.

Goal : Be down 6lbs of fat and build 2lbs of muscle and weigh about 180lb.

Deadline : March 4th (Arnold Classic Weekend when me and my staff train with Marc Lobliner aka “The Machine”)

I am fu*king stressed!

Add 30 lbs to my bench

But pressure is good, so set some goals, write em down, POST em up, and let me hear from you.

I promise you the BEST gains in NO TIME and it costs you NOTHING!  This works!  Do it now and watch how fast you reach your goal!

Hope this helps you!

I look forward to your comments and goals below!

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  • Derek

    My goal was also my new years res…to add 5 lb per month to my big 3 for 12 months…by next new years I want to be able to bench, deadlift and squat 60 lb more than this past new years. I also posted this on the message board during the christmas holidays.

  • Rob King

    Awesome Derek! Great to hear man! your 90% ahead of everyone else who doesn’t take 2 minutes to write and visualize their goal.


  • Phil

    Random question not really to do with this blog.. I just bought Extend and I’m going to try drinking it throughout my workout. I saw in that one pic that you drink it. Do you really think it works? Or did I just blow more money????

  • Rob King

    Phil, it works, and it will be some of the best money you can spend. I promise you that!