The Most Neglected Factor In Reaching Your Fitness Goals

The Most Neglected Factor In Reaching Your Fitness Goals


Well it’s my birthday as I write this and I just finished a crazy morning with over 50 clients that me and my good friend Andy Pratt helped get in the BEST shape of their lives in only 42 days.  More info to come on this later.

There was one big theme that was common amongst at least 80% of these people, something that they neglected before and didn’t pay much attention to, and once they really focused in on this one thing…. BAM…they got crazy results, faster than ever before.

Want to know what that one thing is?  Keep reading….

But first I want to tell you when I first learned about just how important this factor is.

Fast forward back about 15 years, I was working in a bar as a bouncer, I was 160 lbs soaking wet, I was doing a ton of martial arts, but I couldn’t put on an ounce of muscle!  I busted my ass in the gym, I was getting stronger EVERY workout, things were going great in the gym, but the scales, well, they didn’t move.  I just figured I had “bad genetics”, I am sure you can relate.

Anyways one of the guys I worked with asked me how training was going, I told him awesome except I was a “hard gainer” and I couldn’t put on a pound of muscle.

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His reply

“How’s your Nutrition?”

My answer (you can’t imagine how often I hear this daily).

“My nutrition is good man”

His comeback “How much protein & carbs a day?”

My reply…”Enough”

Guess what, I had NO clue, want to know why, because I figured Nutrition didn’t matter and because I figured if I pushed hard enough in the gym, my gains would come no matter what. And man I trained HARD!

Guess What, I was wrong. Very wrong…..

I didn’t know much about Nutrition and I vowed THAT DAY to never let that happen again.  I studied everything I could about nutrition, I read everything, however there was SO much B. S. that it got frustrating.

I made notes of everything that worked and over the last 15 years I have put everything together into one big “notebook” of sorts.  It’s ALL the stuff that works and NO B. S.

After answering literally THOUSANDS of questions in my store and online on Nutrition I decided to write a book on it and now it’s finally done (it was my goal to get this done for my Birthday and I did just that!).

The Ultimate Book On Nutrition For Building Muscle —->


Not only is this book THE BEST book on Nutrition for Building Muscle, I am selling this for DIRT CHEAP because I feel these days most fitness books are WAY over prices and over hyped, and anyone who knows me knows I ALWAYS want to give you the best value for your buck, which is why this book is only gone to cost you the same as a 2lb of protein powder or 2 magazines.

Yes Muscle Building Nutrition Book is starting off at a discounted price of only $19.99!! and I have added some INSANE BONUS’S as well!

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So I have taken EVERYTHING I know about nutrition, removed all the fluff and stuff and come up with something you can read EASILY no matter your level of Fitness & Nutrition knowledge and it’s something that YOU can read and apply RIGHT NOW to help your training.

I literally poured months of hard work into this and I GUARANTEE this will help you more than ANY book you bought in the last year, and all for the same price as a movie night.

For $20 an I guarantee that this will cover everything you need to know about Nutrition and Building Muscle!

Look forward to hearing from you and I really believe this will help you in your training. I put everything I know into this book and now I am proud to share this with you and help you learn about the MOST important factor in


Building Muscle – NUTRITION! 

Committed to your success!



P.S. The $19.99 is the intro price, this will be going up very soon, I am offering it now to show you how committed I am to giving you the BEST value of information for your money Period! Check it out —>

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