Want to get DICED in 2010 In 6 Weeks?

Want to get DICED in 2010 In 6 Weeks?

I just wanted to give you a chance to get in on a great opportunity. How would you like to get in “Totally Bad Ass Shredded Condition” with a 6 week program starting next week, January 9th ?

Andy Pratt, Body Transformation Expert and creator of Warrior Built is offering you the chance to get in on this deal, and get totally ripped!

The program is called Warrior Built 2.0, and here’s the deal…

  • Are you already in decent shape but are 15-20lbs away from being Ripped?
  • Having a hard time losing that last bit of fat off your gut that’s blurring your abs?
  • Did the holidays put a few pounds on you that you would like to slash?

If so then this might be something you’re interested in…

First of all, this opportunity is Free!…You pay nothing to become part of Team Warrior Built 2.0!

You will receive the following free of charge!…

  1. A customized meal plan.
  2. An outlined training program to follow.
  3. A copy of the Warrior Built DVD.
  4. A weekly Warrior Built 2.0 group workout with Andy and the Team Warrior Built.
  5. Email support from Andy to help you reach your goal! (Get freakin Diced!)

The first three guys who used the Warrior Built program lost an average of 31 LB’s in 12 weeks….Here’s your chance if you’re serious…It’s a no brainer.

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What’s the catch?

This program isn’t for everyone…First off you have to be serious and committed! And, only 5 people are going to be part of Team Warrior Built 2.0, there are only 2 spots are left.

So if you want in, email Andy at PersonalBest@gmail.com with the subject line “Warrior Built 2.0” Just tell him why you think you should be picked for this transformation project. Include your age, height and weight and you exercise experience etc.

Again, Andy is only going to select two more people to be part of the project. So email him now.

BTW, I’m one of the 5 people who’s going to be going through the Warrior Built 2.0 transformation and you’ll be able to follow my progress pics on my blog!


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