Do you want a NEW BODY in just 42 Days?

Do you want a NEW BODY in just 42 Days?


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Ed Newman 6 Week Change


Let me ask you a question.

How have the last 6 weeks of your training gone?  Are You Ripped?

Did You get the body YOU WANT?

How about the last 12 Weeks?  Any Different?  3 Months?

Think about it for a second…

Are you making progress or are you stuck in a rut?

Look back at the last 6 weeks and tell me something.

Have YOU Improved?

Do you have the body YOU want when you look in the mirror?

Are you proud of your body?

If you are like most people my guess (sadly) is no, you haven’t changed that much in the last 6 weeks or even the last 6 months!

I can change all that!

Here’s the deal, my good friend and Newfoundland’s TOP Personal Trainer Andy Pratt just last month finished filming his Warrior Built 2.0 program.  He did this for the relaunch of his DVD.

16 People got in CRAZY shape following his plan.  I mean CRAZY, just see the 3 people here, that’s only 3!  There was 13 more!

The average fat loss was close to 20lbs in only 6 WEEKS!

Average waist line dropped 4″

Andy was only going to use this for his DVD project but I convinced Andy that he had such a good thing that I wanted to bring it to my customers, friends, and to my gym Bushido.  So I convinced him to open this up to another group!

Andy Pratt WB 2.0 Coach

And we are doing one better.

I am helping Andy this time around as a coach and trainer!

We are going to make this next 6 Week Warrior Built Challenge Even better!

Here is my promise to you.

I can GUARANTEE you a NEW BODY in 6 weeks!  All you have to do is follow what we say.

We will give you everything!

  • The Training Plan
  • The Nutrition Plan
  • The Weekly Support to keep you on track
  • Group Training to keep you motivated
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What If I promised you that in 6 weeks YOU would have a NEW, BETTER BODY?

See For Yourself! Check this out!

Here is the deal.  We are starting Warrior Built 2.0 on April 3.  It is a 6 week plan that we GUARANTEE will work (it’s has already proven that it works).  All you have to do is put in the work!  That’s it!

See I believe people fail at their Fitness Goals for 3 reasons:

1 Lack OF GOAL

2 Lack of Tools to ATTAIN That Goal

3 Lack of Accountability

Now what we have done with this is, we have taken these 3 reasons OUT of the equation.  We are giving you everything!

3 Reasons YOU WILL get your best body!

1. The Goal – May 16 (Just in time for SUMMER!)

2. Tools – A FULL 6 Week Plan covering Weights, Cardio, Nutrition, Supplementation THE WORKS!

3. Accountability – We meet EVERY SATURDAY 10am for a workout and a progress check.  Believe me you don’t want to show up and not have improved!

But there is a catch.

We are NOT TAKING JUST ANYONE!  We are ONLY taking SERIOUS COMMITTED people who WANT to be RIPPED for May 16!

Is this YOU?

Space is LIMITED.  We are taking 16 people that want to be RIPPED for May 16. We don’t want people who are lazy, we want people who have the DRIVE but just need the guidance.

If so I want you to fill out THIS APPLICATION and tell us WHY we should take you!  We are not promising we are going to.  But I want to see if YOU are serious about wanting a ripped body for summer!

Remember we are ONLY TAKING 16 people!!!  This is open to everyone so TELL US WHY WE SHOULD TAKE YOU!

Warrior Built 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

What you get for this

  • 6 Group Workouts With Andy Pratt & Rob King
  • Warrior Built DVD
  • Complete Nutritional Program
  • Bushido Open Time Gym Membership
  • 10% Heavyweights Supplements For 6 Weeks
  • 30 min 1 on 1 phone consult with Andy or Rob (To fine tune your progress)
  • Access to private message board for questions & support

We are offering this to only 16 SERIOUS PEOPLE!

Do you want your BEST body just in time for spring?


Thanks to all applicants!

ANY Questions post em up!  We are happy to answer them!

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  • Jordan Knox

    Hey everyone i can vouch for this training i was part of the 16 that did and lost 22 pounds and 6 inches off my waist, was pretty ripped up in the end and some of the best training i ever had, Rob and Andy set a real good atmosphere and go out of their way to help you in any way. If you want to see REAL results this program is worth every bit of it, Good luck with the next group Rob and Andy


  • Katie

    Can i do the 6 week warrior program even if i live in another province, or is it a 1 on 1 training?

  • Rob King

    Katie i dont see a problem but I will find out what Andy has to say about it today!

  • Craig Bembridge

    Hi Rob, I’m in the same boat. I would like to give it a try but am in another province.

  • Kenny

    Will there be a warrior built starting in july?

  • Rob King

    No. I dont think Rippedin42 will be happening again until Sept. Sorry

  • Gerard

    Hi Rob
    So there will be no Boot Camps till September??
    I heard that you guys have put off shorter (very successful) boot camps.
    Have you guys considered a shorter Boot Camp for this summer?

    I would like to commit to the next boot camp. Is there any preparation that will help me during the next few months to prepare for the boot camp?

    Please email me any info you got. I would really like to get into better shape.

  • Rob King


    I have 21 day fat loss bootcamps going, which may turn into just a flat out fat loss monthly bootcamp/

    email me at rob @ i will help you ok