Wed June 17

Wed June 17

Today has been great so far. I took the morning off from weight training knowing i had some hard workouts planned this afternoon i dont want to overdue it.

I have weights planned for Mon/Tue Thur/Fri. That’s enough.

Training :
Did 50 min of cardio with circuits. 6 – 4 minute rounds and some light training after. The rounds had 1 min break, 15 second intervals. tire & sledge, medicine ball tosses, footwork, punching, all kinds off stuff. i think I am going to get some training videos as todays circuit session was awesome!.

From 3-4 had a session with Phil Alcock at Core Health Spa. He is a great trainer, helping me focus on stretching, core work, stability, and a lot of things I dont like to train on my own.

We focused a LOT on TRX straps. These are fantastic and i HIGHLY reccomend them. We have added a a set to Bushido to use for our own training and for working with my clients. I expected just a lot of stretching but we got a good workout in also.  This took the good out of me.

I was suppose to have MMA class tonight, but I decided to take it easy and rest.  My back is real achy and I want to try to get 2 workouts in tmrw for sure.

Nutrition & Supplements :

Good food again all day.  Kept the carbs pretty low. Used normal supplements, BCAA’s, ZMA, Fish Oil, Protein powder etc.

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Overall : Had a good day except for tweaking my back which put me out of commision for wed night training which really sucked.  Oh well, i know what exercises I should avoid and I was stupid so that’s what I get.

Lesson Learned Today : Know the differece between good pain and bad pain.  Good pain you can work through, bad pain you can’t.  Be smart in the gym.

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