What Is YOUR Most Important Fitness Goal?

What Is YOUR Most Important Fitness Goal?

I deal with a lot of people any given week in my business.  It is my goal to try to help YOU as much as possible!

But to do this I NEED to hear what YOUR GOALS ARE.  I need to know what information you want here so I can do my best to provide YOU with the best information!

So if you can fill out this poll real quick I would appreciate it!

If you can do 1 better and POST A COMMENT with your Training & Fitness goals I will do my best to help YOU in the future!

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  • jeddore

    The goal right now is to hit the 200 mark, no matter how much time and effort needed

  • thomas

    i need to lose weight fast because the job i always wanted now has a weight limit and they will be taking applications very soon. i have been using an elliptical trainer along with circuit training with compound exercies to reach my goal. my goal is to lose 40 pounds which will put my in the range for the job. along with a strict diet, i am hoping i can do this.

  • Nathan

    my main goal right now is to add 5-10 lbs of lean muscle to pass the 220 mark for the first time.. trying to eat as much as possible

  • Mitchell

    My goal is to add about 15 pounds of muscle. Only 147 now would like to get to about 160.

  • Reed

    My main goal is to trim some fat off, and improve my cardio for the sports I play. Even though I just play for recreation, I need to get my wnd up, which lets my legs work longer!

  • Craig

    I am looking to gain some lean muscle. I lost 40lbs of fat last year. So now I am trying to build some lean muscle on my frame. I am currently sitting at 170lbs and 6′.2″

  • Josh

    looking to gain about 15 more pounds of lean muscle and develope more “cut” abs. currently standing at 180lbs and 6’3.

  • Bryce

    My main goal is to develope lean muscle, with maximum strength and not going over 160lbs, while still increasing weight in mst major exercises.

  • Violet Quilty

    I really want to reshape my body more….trying hard to get those abs showing..lol…. Lean muscle look is what I really am aiming for…hopefully all will come together this year…:)

  • Justin

    My main goal is to gain lean mass and trim off the fat around the lymph nodes. As I am now closing on my mid-30s I find it harder to keep weight off my face and “spare tire” area. I am not over weight or out of shape but I do feel the change in my metabolizm and recovery time.

  • Craig

    I’d like to compete in next years body building show. May need help with recommended diet programs for when 16 weeks out

  • Jon R

    My goal now is to kill the stubborn body fat around the mid section. I have been steadily building muscle over the past 15 months but that fat doesn’t want to go away, despite eating right, doing more cardio and changing many isolation excersises to compound ones. Currently 168, and hoping to trim fat % and put on 20lbs in lean muscle (long term anyway).

  • Adam

    I want to put on another 10 lbs before this summer. As a hard gainer thats gonna be difficult but i enjoy a challenge. I am currently 6′ 3″ and 180 lbs

  • Troy

    I’d like to see a complete overview of injuries. This would include prevention, medical professionals, etc

  • Jeremy

    My main goals will always be to get stronger and improve sports performance but I also want to lose some weight and build some muscle.

  • AJ

    I want to look better. My strength gains are pretty good. I do need to improve core and functional strength, and well to look better.

  • Scott

    Would love to see more on strength & conditioning. Bodybuilding for mass and show do not appeal to me.

  • Rob King

    Excellent feedback everyone!! LOVE IT!! Keep it coming!

  • Hughie

    My main goal is to lose some fat build some muscle and be all around in shape.
    Working through P90X right now but my diet needs some work

  • b

    trying to drop some weight and build up some cardio over the winter and then hit the streets hard with some jogging…overall goal this year is to particpate and finish the tely10…first trying it

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  • bob griffin

    my goal is to get to 200 pounds. my hight is 6’4 i was 375 …. now iam 270 i am finding it realy hard now to get the weight off i am caught in a rut hope you can help

  • Henry Hussey

    I strictly do weight training to improve my sports performance…
    Be more explosive and work on endurance..

  • Wenda

    I really want to lose those last 10lbs.

  • Hey Rob, KILLER looking blog

    Thanks a ton for the X-mas present man, WAY cool of you

  • slammer

    My goal is to lose 50 pounds of fat and gain 10 lean muscle pounds. Im 5’7 220 pounds

  • Nick C


    I want to build muscle and strength until I’m at about 190-195 where I can maintain that weight.

  • Daniel

    5’7 / 160
    I want to add 10lbs of lean muscle and cut my fat but still maintain weight around 165-170, up my bench by 20-30 lbs and squat 3 plates a side, dead lift 3 plates a side by summer

  • Craig M

    Main goal is to just stay healthy right now, winter’s really kicking my ass this year. Other than that, just staying in legitimate shape, and pushing it a little further every time is my goal.