10 Fitness Myths Exposed

10 Fitness Myths Exposed

10 Fitness Myths Exposed

By Robert King

1, Bodypart training is the only way to build muscle.

Our body is composed of many bodyparts.  However our body functions as a full unit not as an individual body part.  Train your body with overall full body movements for maximizing growth.

2. Girls Shouldn’t Lift Heavy Weights & Should Always Do High Reps.

Women + Lifting Weights

Women + Lifting Weights

This is a myth i get asked at least once a day!  Most girls believe that by training heavy they will get big or look like a guy.  This couldn’t be more far from the truth!  Girls have 1/20th the Testosterone of men.  Without testosterone it is really hard to build muscle.  Unless you are genetically gifted female you won’t build muscle training with moderate-heavy lifting.  Keep changing your program, keep your diet clean and you will benefit from the demands of heavy training.  Just be sure to change things up!

3.Eating late at night will make you fat.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The old adage “You are what you eat” is very true.  I always advocate eating every 3-4 hours.  For late night food choices opt for high protein, moderate essential fat and low carb choices.  I love protein pudding at night.

4. You have to constantly lift heavier to make gains.

Wrong.  You need to cause your body to adapt to stress.  This is true, however at some point the amount of weight lifted vs. the damage done to your body does not pan out.  If you are squatting really heavy and need a change hit single leg exercises.  If your arms aren’t growing curling more weight isn’t always the answer.

5. Creatine will make me bloated or cause me to lose definition.

Creatine will not cause you to lose definition.  You need to be about 8-10% bodyfat before you can see any real changes in muscle definition.  Most people take creatine while bulking and end up getting fat from too much junk, not creatine.

6. Protein will convert to fat.

It is literally almost impossible for your body to store protein.  The human body just isn’t very efficient at it.  Your body will burn far more calories trying to store protein or using it for energy.  Protein is a poor source of energy for fat storage, however the body is very efficient at storing simple carbohydrates and saturated fats.

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7. You Can Change Fat To Muscle.


I don’t even want to go into detail on this but i sometimes still hear it when dealing with customers.  Simply put you CAN’T change fat to muscle.  You can burn fat, you can build muscle, but you cant change fat to muscle!

8. To get ripped you need high reps with less weight.

Not true at all.  The most important thing when trying to lose body fat (aka getting ripped) is FOOD.  Good old boring nutrition matters far more than your workouts.  However you can get leaner with many types of workouts.  Heavy lifting is more taxing on the body causing it to use more calories to recover etc.  Simple approach to getting lean and training.  Change your program often, and make your workouts challenging!

9. Training abs daily is good for getting a six pack.

If you check any anatomy book you will see that the abdominal muscles are no different from any other muscle group.  If you want abs eat better and get your metabolism up.  Training abs daily may make the area feel tighter (because your muscles are sore and stiff).  Train your abs like every other body part.  Train them frequently with low volume, or infrequently with high volume

10. Cario on an empty stomach is best for fat loss.

Cardio on an empty stomach does work.  But not so much because of the empty stomach, its more because you are getting the cardio in and elevating your metabolism.  If you find it worked for you great, but it isn’t essential.  The best time to do cardiovascular is anytime!

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