3 Things To Do To Get Jacked Like Captain America

3 Things To Do To Get Jacked Like Captain America

I don’t watch a lot of movies but I am still a big comic book fan (love Batman), but after watching Thor I was a little disappointed so I took the plunge and rented Captain America.

Surprisingly enough it wasn’t too bad a movie.

Moving on to the point of this blog post

The guy playing Captain America was JACKED for this role.  I was totally impressed by how this guy looked, he was big, lean, athletic looking, and just had the “look” 90% of guys like (if you want to look like Jay Cutler this e-mail isn’t for you lol).

Anyways it kinda got me thinking about what goes into getting in shape for a role like this.

Yes he had amazing trainers, a nutritionist I am sure and all that awesome stuff us normal people can’t have, but some things stay the same, he had to work hard and he had to eat right.




3 Ways To Get Jacked Like Captain America


1. Get Leaner

Bottom line it doesn’t matter how big you are, you will NOT look like a Super Hero with a beer gut or a belly. Want to look awesome get leaner.

If you hover around 10% you should be pretty lean for a guy and 15% for a girl.

Yes I know getting lean requires some work.  You can’t eat everything in sight, you have to have some discipline and you have to deal with it.  Man up, stop complaining and eat better.

Along with looking better you will feel a LOT better.  The last few weeks I have cleaned up my diet 95% and my work has been better, my energy better, my mood better oh and I have gotten leaner.  Do I miss some of my junk food, sure, but looking better and feeling better is more important to me than the “fix” I get from sugar and bad food.

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2. Hit The “Show Off Muscles”

OK I don’t practice this, but I am telling you how to look like Captain America not how I approach my training.

Look at any Super Hero and you usually see the following.  Small Waist, Big Arms, Shoulders, and Chiseled Chest.

Do you see Captain America’s legs?  How about a superhero’s back?  Calves?  Not a chance.

Once again I don’t agree with this.  Personally I judge someone’s muscle by their legs and their back, I know they WORKED for those muscles.  I see lots of guys with big puffy arms and chicken legs.  To me this is someone with all ego and no foundation but to each their own.

But when it comes to LOOKING like a Super Hero you want Big Shoulders, Big Arms, Cut Chest & Six Pack Abs.

A Super Hero with a beer gut and small arms isn’t going to save the day.

Hit the weights, get your body jacked and look the part.




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3. Perfect Posture

Ok this one is a bit boring but it matters.

I see so many people these days walking around with a hunched posture it drives me mental.  We spend way too much time sitting at our computers (like I am right now).  This causes our posture to be terrible.

Bad Posture = Bad Movement = Bad Image = Bad Muscles

Imagine Batman or Captain America with a slouch or rounded shoulders.  Not cool.

So a few simple fixes, work on driving those shoulders back, lifting your chin up, and sticking out your chest.  As well working on your TVA and suck in that stomach.

Someone with bad posture is NEVER seen or respected as much as someone with poor posture.  Imagine a  Super Hero not standing up straight with hunched shoulders, it just screams that someone lacks confidence.

Want to ask out a girl?  Number one thing is confidence.  Confidence starts with your mind, then your body.  So think confident, act confident and stand up straight, get those shoulders back, suck in your belly and watch how people react different to you.

1. Cut out the junk and eat right and treat your body like a Super Hero.

2. Hit the “Show Off Muscles”.  Chest/Shoulders/Arms.  But don’t forget Legs & Back!

3. Work on your posture ALL the time.  Constantly just try to work at it.  Bring the shoulders back, chin up, head high.  Act confident and you will become more confident.

I hope this helps you, and try to keep these 3 thing in mind,

I guarantee you will look and feel way better and people will treat you better.


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