8 Ways To CRUSH Your Resolutions!

8 Ways To CRUSH Your Resolutions!

I hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season.  It is such a great time of year to enjoy time with friends and family, eat too much food, skip workouts, and get ready for some major Resolutions in 2011.

A lot of people stay focused over the holidays and train consistently, I am not one of them.  I enjoy a few weeks of bad food, and taking a short well needed rest from the gym.  It only fires me up more to hit it hard and heavy soon as the New Year rolls around.  I like challenges, and fresh starts and nothing like the New Year to get that going!

One thing about New Years resolutions though is that 90% of people FAIL at them. It sucks, but its true.  However this doesn’t have to be the case for you.  I am going to share with you some tactics and stratergies that work for me to stay on track with my resolutions.  Hopefully these will help you.  On top of this I want you to post your resolutions below mine.  Trust me, its worth 30 seconds of your time.

Here are 8 Tips To CRUSH Those Resolutions!!

1. Set a SPECIFIC GOAL. Yes this is old and has been said a thousand times.  BUT let me explain.  Saying something like “Exercise More” is NOT a specific goal.  Instead of saying Exercise more you would say “Exercise 5 times a week, every week”.  This is MEASURABLE.  So be SPECIFIC, the more specific the better.

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2. Be Accountable – OK so you have a goal to lose 2lbs a week or gain 1lb of muscle a week.  What happens IF you don’t get it?  You NEED a reward for getting your goal and a punishment for not reaching it.  Set up MEASURABLE GOALS and ACHIEVE THEM.

3.  Get A Training Partner –  This may sound simple but having someone to train with is key.  When you know someone is at the gym waiting for you chances are you won’t skip it.  Plus having a workout partner can make training a lot more fun.  So partner up.  Arnold didn’t train alone, neither should you.

4. Have a LONG TERM GOAL broken down into SMALLER goals.  IE say you want to lose 20lbs.  Having that as a goal is great, BUT you need a PLAN. Its easier to plan to lose 2lbs a week every week for 10 weeks than to just say “I want to lose 20lbs”.  So Your #1 GOAL is to lose 2lbs a week.  Do this 10 times.

5. Have a DEADLINE. Without a deadline goals to not get met.  We are all more successful under DEADLINES.  So set a DEADLINE.  IE Build 10lbs of Muscle By March 1 or Lose 10lbs of fat By March 1.  You HAVE to have a deadline. I can’t stress how important this really is.

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6. Have a PLAN. Don’t reinvent the wheel.  I am coming out with a 6 week Fat Loss & 6 Week Muscle Building plan for March.  In the meantime I strongly recommend you check out the following

Fat Loss – Tom Venuto’s The Holy Grail Of Fat Loss Transformation Program (This kicks A$$)

Muscle Building – Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets (Fantastic Program for Building Muscle)

7. Have FUN. Look if you aren’t having fun with your program and reaching your goals you won’t stick with it.  Find a way to make your training and attaining your goals FUN.  You have to wake up fired up and ready to attain your goals.  If it becomes work and a chore forget it.  Keep your training and goal setting FUN & CHALLENGING!

8. Keep A Journal. I keep a calander that I record ALL my workouts.  I can then see if I am on track or not, this works awesome and no one does it.  I can look back at my week and see how many / or X’s I have.  A / means I got cardio in a means I got weights in, a X means I got BOTH!  I want to look back at my week and see lot’s of X’s.  This simple tip works really well.

So there you have it,  8 tactics to stay on track with your resolutions!  Now while speaking of resolutions here are mine, and I want to hear from you so post them up!

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These are my personal resolutions for Fitness.  I have many others, i can post.

1. Get to a lean 190lb by March 1.  I am going to the Arnold Classic this year, and I want to be IN SHAPE and bigger.  So this is a big goal for me.

Soft Tissue Torture

2. Do cardio 6 days a week.  By cardio I mean any cardio.  Treadmill, my bootcamp classes, circuits, do some cardio 6 days a week.

3. Lift 4 days a week.  Upper/Lower Body Splits and or Push/Pull workouts.

4. Do soft tissue work and stretching for 30 min a day.  I ALWAYS skip this and this is far more important to me staying healthy than lifting weights (it just sucks lol)

5. Set training goals.  This year I completed the TRX 40/40 challenge, the 100 burpee challenge.  Id like to get my bench back up to 315 for 1 and 225 for 12.  I have had some bad injuries (arm surgery and a bike accident) so I used to bench 405 for reps, but that is long gone. But I want a 315 controlled bench, that’s one of my goals.

Now I want to hear from you so take 5 minutes and POST THEM BELOW!

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  • david

    Get to a lean 200 by summer. (currenlty 220 mid teens bf%)

    1)continue to bulk till Feb-March eating .5kcal over maintenace
    2)cut down to 9-10%bf from feb-march to may-June losing no more then 1.5lbs of fat per week (eating about 2.5-3kcal)
    3)continue to clean bulk through summer eating no more than 250cal over maintenance.

  • Rob King


    Thanks for posting, appreciate it!

    Awesome goals, clear and precise. Set up mini goals to keep track and youll nail it!

  • Jodie

    Great tips Rob,
    My goals are: to get down to 165 by April 1st, some sort of cardio 6x’s a week and to do an unassisted chin-up/pull-up by the time I reach my weight goal.

  • Rob King

    Awesome Jodie, you can do it and Ill help you any way I can!