My First Article On – The No Sit Up Ab Workout

My First Article On – The No Sit Up Ab Workout

I spent my youth growing up reading every single fitness magazine and book I could.

To this day I have literally thousands of fitness magazines that I have read and collected over the years.

Fitness magazines have had a huge impact on me growing up and a few years ago I set it as a goal and a dream to start writing, to get uncomfortable and to write for fitness magazines.

This year alone has been incredible and I am VERY pleased to announce that I just got my first article published on one of the biggest sites in the WORLD and that is

In this article I share some tips on how to train your abs without sit ups.

This is a big one for me because years ago when I was doing Martial Arts my instructor would constantly make us do sit ups and they used to KILL MY BACK.

So here is an article on how to train your core/abs without sit ups and without hurting your back.

Check it out and please share, like & leave a comment!

Click Here ==> The No Sit Up Ab Workout

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