My Birthday! 36 Years Young = 36 Insights

My Birthday! 36 Years Young = 36 Insights

First off THANK YOU To everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday On FaceBook Friday! It made my day!

So Friday past I turned 36 years old (young) or whatever you care to call it!  But I turned 36.

It’s a weird number because I can no longer look back and say “well I am not that far from 30” because, well, now I am lol.

This means that I have been exercising and working out for almost 20 years now.  Which is a long time!  But in that time I have learned & experienced a lot in the gym!

So I wanted to share 36 “Insights” that I have learned over the years 🙂

  1. Have Fun!  If the gym isn’t fun find something that is fun! 
  2. Help Others. Most people who workout are focused on their own goals, or their own body.  Help others, it will come back to you 10 fold 
  3. Stay Healthy!  It’s one thing to be big and strong, but its NO good if your not healthy. 
  4. Don’t stop learning!  Its easy to get complacent, always keep learning and improving! 
  5. Ask for help!  I can assure you that many people have done or are doing what you want to accomplish.  Ask for some help 
  6. Try different sports!  When I was hardcore into weights I wouldn’t dare try another sport as it would ruin my workout.  What a mistake that was! Stay Active! 
  7. If you want to get bigger it isn’t hard.  Eat More, Train Harder, Rest, Repeat!  The hard part is the eating! 
  8. We are creatures of habit.  Identify your habits and fix them.  It will make it easier to build muscle, lose fat, or whatever you goal is. 
  9. If you aren’t building muscle the way you want ask yourself 2 questions 1. Are You Squatting?  2. Are You Deadlifting?  If you answered YES to both questions then you need t0 eat more food! 
  10. Cardio isn’t the enemy for building muscle! Far from it!  No one lost muscle doing 15-20 min cardio 5 days a week.  If your not doing cardio you are missing out! 
  11. Pay attention to your Pre & Post Workout Nutrition!  It doesn’t matter how hard you push yourself, if you dont pay attention to what goes in your body you won’t get nearly the results you should! 
  12. Do a bodybuilding or figure show!  Not for the ego, but do it as a challenge and to see what your body CAN look like.  It will surprise you! 
  13. Get a GOOD COACH or TRAINER!!  It amazes me the people that buy 1-2 magazines and think they know it all! 
  14. Protein, Creatine etc ISN”T bad for you! (God I hate hearing this) It doesn’t hurt your kidneys or any other crap like that!
  15. Your Doctor doesn’t know everything!  Always ask for help, research, learn, and ask questions.  I see anti depressent and thyroid meds way too often with customers these days… 
  16. CHANGE YOUR WORKOUT!  Is it Monday?  That mean’s Bench & Bicep for 80% of the people at the gym.  if this is you PLEASE CHANGE YOUR WORKOUT LOL. 
  17. You Get ONE body!  Take care of it!  It amazes me to see people spend all day cleaning and fixing their car, only to neglect their OWN BODY.  Think about this for a second.  It’s pretty scary! 
  18. STRETCH!  Let me say that again, STRETCH.  It is by far the most neglected part of fitness & exercises today! 
  19. “You can’t out train a bad diet” Remember that, it is beyond important!!!  Nutrition is everything for getting in shape & feeling good! 
  20. Train heavy, then back off.  you can’t always get stronger and stronger.  Sooner or later something will remind you that.  Better to back off by your own choice than a bad injury! 
  21. Train with your friends!  Go try a different workout, try a new program! 
  22. The biggest obstacle of people getting in better shape is POOR NUTRITION!  I see packed gym’s but hardly anyone in shape!  What does that tell you? 
  23. BCAA’s, Fish Oil, Multi Vitamins & Greens should be staples in everyone’s diet! 
  24. To build more muscle train heavier, eat more quality food, reduce cardio (not cut out), and hit the big muscle groups. 
  25. To get leaner train at a faster pace.  Blend circuits with basics in the gym, reduce carbohydrates and bad fats.  Dont reduce FOOD, reduce CRAP.
  26. Your biggest roadblock to getting in better shape is your surroundings! (work, home, school etc). YOU Can’t control that but you can control YOUR RESPONSE.  If everyone is having a tims donut & they want you to eat one it is because THEY want you to fail!  They feel better when you are weak like them. 
  27. Stop using machines.  I know, every gym is full of them!  Which is why you should NOT be using them.  More on this soon! 
  28. Do more exercises standing.  Why would you sit down to shoulder press?  I will tell you why, because your gym is making you lazy! 
  29. Don’t Do Bar Curls In The Power Rack!  Please….only unless there is NO one at the gym…  Please…. 
  30. Don’t growl, scream, grunt, or make weird noises in the gym.  Unless you want to be known as an idiot, then by all means scream away! 
  31. Take 8-10 minutes and do a proper WARM UP.  It will make your workouts better, improve recovery, and reduce injuries. 
  32. Train your GLUTES!!  Yep train that butt of yours!  It’s important!  More info on this shortly also! 
  33. IF your squats aren’t at least parallel then please don’t brag about your squat #’s.  A 225 squat done RIGHT is far more impressive than a 405 knee bend!! 
  34. The best way to bigger arms is squatting. 
  35. If your in the gym longer than 60 min your making friends (or staring at the girls on the treadmill way too long lol) 
  36. Your own as OLD as you FEEL!  And after my birthday celebrations I feel OLD!!  🙂 

I hope this gives some brief insights into my thoughts!  I thought I’d post some party pics but i will save those for another day lol.

Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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  • Robert Shandera

    Great article! I lol’d at 9, 29 and 33!

  • Mark Parsons

    Love it Rob! As always, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Those pictures are classic!! I had to laugh because today I was waiting for someone to get off the squat rack who was doing curls. Also, it’s monday and I was doing legs… take that!! 🙂

  • Steve

    36 years young! Welcome to the club my friend, I recently turned 36 myself. Happy belated! The insights are awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for posting Rob, some great tips that I’m going to ponder over this Monday afternoon as I get ready to hit the gym for my bench & biceps workout LOL

  • A late Happy Birthday Rob. You’re only a kid yet. Love your site!

  • JQ

    Good Work Rob.
    That was one of my favorite postings you have done to date.

    #19 is my favorite Jason Ferruggia Quote
    the picture of the girl is one the best too, i laugh everytime i read it.

    Love your never stop learning mentality. Such a positive point a view that most people fail to maintain and as a result miss out of a lot of what life has to offer.

    With Age comes great knowledge Mr King and you have certainly shown us with your post.


  • Charles Borg

    Hey Rob! Happy Birthday!

    Some great points that you posted! I hope you go further with the ones that you said you will because i am really curious!

    Like the one about no curling in the squat rack. That one I would love to know why!

    Again Great points and Happy Birthday!

  • Rob King

    Here is the deal with this one.

    The squat rack and espicially the power rack are meant for lifting big weight. Hence POWER & SQUAT RACK. Curls are not a demanding exercise and can be done with any bar, anywhere. Dont take up the big racks when people may want them for their actual purpose.

    Its just a respect thing for people in the gym that are lifting big weight. You can grab a bar and some plates and do curls anywhere.

  • Michelle Bennett


    36 Insights – AMAZING!!

    For #2, helping is nice, but people should know, when you get hissed at, please back off LOL

  • Rob King

    Michelle please let me know next time you hiss at the gym I will try to make it for the show lol

  • Marc

    “Because somewhere out, a girl is warming up with your max” lolz

    Of all the times I tell people to squat haha!

    Incredible article though, keep it up!

  • Rob King

    Thanks for the kind comments Marc!

  • James

    WOW! I can see this blog helping many people get into some serious shape! I can not even tell you how many times I have heard that protein and creatine are bad for you! Protein overdose hahah, bad kidneys stfu! Thanks Rob.

  • Rob King

    Hi James

    Thanks for the kind words man! Appreciate it! I hope to help a lot of people with this blog and the positive feedback is very welcomed!

  • Matt C.

    Awesome post bro. I noticed you mentioned squats a lot. I however have problems with squats and don’t do `them as much as i would like due to lower back probles. I do weighted butt lifts and dumbbell plie squats and dumbell squats. along with extentions and curls. When I do barbell squats I use no more than 100 pounds. I don’t have a leg press or Id do those. But you said squat for bigger arms. Right now my arms are 17 1/2 inches have been 18 in the past. _Pleasae explain how squats make bigger arms. Interesting. Happy Birthday

  • Rob King

    Hi Matt

    I am in the same boat as you. I hurt my lower back area 10 years ago and it has never ever been the same. My lower body training is very limited (like you).

    Squats (or any big lift) makes your arms bigger because of mainly the increase of Testosterone that your body produces when you lift big weight.

    Also you need to look at your body as a WHOLE SYSTEM, not just body parts. Too many people focus on bodypart training. Get your overall strength up and everything grows!

  • Matt C.

    Yes you are right, I forgot about the testosterone thing. Makes since now. Thanks dude

  • HappyBirthday dont see it as getting older see it as getting stronger

  • I know what you mean I just turned 42 but I don’t feel it people say I look 30 to35 all the time just got back in to the gym aweek now I take care of my seven year old daughter by my self but I use to work out all the time before that like for six years so I know it will all come back in time I thank you for answering it is helpful .i do thank you for your import on supplement chains .like I said if I don’t buy from gnc can I buy from you and if so how .the stoff I do buy I want it to be the right stoff and not a waste of my once again thanks rob so hope to hear from you soon

  • Dan

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has any information about T Bomb 2…I have read a bit about it and someone at my gym told me its good but Im a little hesitant on trying it because I like to stay as natural as possible. Is this product actually worth taking or is there something else that I should take??? All comments are welcomed. Thanks

  • Rob King

    Hi Dan
    We have sold a good few and feedback has been really good on it!

  • Dan

    Thanks Rob I will keep that in mind as I do a little more research on it and thanks for all the reviews they are very helpful 🙂

  • e.cris le maitre

    HI Rob.Thank U for the good advice.

  • Rob King

    Awesome man, Thanks for reading!

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  • carroll

    very informative….but #34 is interesting….bigger arms from squatting?

  • Rob King

    It sounds strange but its true.

    The hormonal changes in the body from squats cause the ability to build ALL muscle to increase 🙂

  • Mike Ross

    Great stuff, I enjoy reading everyday befor I go for my 6-7 miles jog.Then I come back and hit the weights for about an hour an a half. Happy Birthday Rob,hope it is a great year for you and wish you many more to come. Thanks for all the good info. Mike

  • Rob King

    Hey Mike

    thanks man, nice hearing from you!

  • Demond

    This was great!!! Most we already know but it is good to be reminded. I just ate a donut and I will be hitting the gym for a day filled with squats and deadlift. Keep’em comin!

  • Rob King

    Awesome..Love it Demond lol

  • josh callanan

    haha great post!!!

  • Rob King

    Thanks Josh 🙂

  • Riaz

    Nice post. Interesting. I totally agree on the “SQUATS”.. issue.

    Squats are my favourite exercise. They have helped me get big overall, especially in the lower body, as i was a very skinny ectomorph, (more like a skeleton) a year ago.

    I do squats (with other leg workouts) once a week, the day i train my legs, for three sets of 15- 20 reps, each set.

    Currently I am squatting, 60 kgs (132 pounds). I know that isn’t much for many people out there, but I have fulfilled my target/ goal & am a bit satisfied. My IBM (ideal body measurements) in physical achievement are: (lower body)

    Thighs (23 1/4 inches), Hip (38 inches), Calves (15 inches) BUT…….

    Currently, my Thighs: 24 inches, Hips: 38 inches, Calves: 15 inches AND, I have reached these numbers in 6 months (max). Majority….. due to squats.

    Note: I dont intake very sound nutrition, just average good food that i can afford.

    SUPPLEMENTS are NOT available in my country, and even if they are, either they are very expensive or cheap chinese ones. (which are general worthless dietary ones) So, I have never taken a supplement in my whole life.

    I envy this site & people all over US & CANADA, cause how much facilities, information & product description & SUPPLEMENTS, you can get.

    Well sorry for the long comment, but just like to finish with:

    GOD BLESS you ROB, keep up the good work, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) & ALL THE BEST

  • Rob King

    Thanks Riaz, appreciate the feedback and nice hearing from you!

  • Jon Chafe

    great post Rob,

    I personally love hearing people grunt when they workout. ESPECIALLY when i can hear them through my headphones! lol… though it makes me stop for a minute to crack up! but all the same, there is no need for emense noise levels unless you’re in the bedroom or at a rock concert! wicked post man!

    PS. takin a break to check out the girls on the treadmill can sometimes be a motivation booster. if you spend a bit of the time thinking you can be next to them if you just push a bit harder instead of concentrating on that amazingly defined butt the whole time! lol

  • Demond

    Great tips!!! I am actually gonna incorporate somethings that I know I am missing that you mentioned.


  • thanks bro like to see that IM not the only one that can not stand someone doing curls in the squat rack or when someone sits on a bench for no reason but to look around

  • Vu

    Your tips are extremely helpful. Thanks Rob.

  • Rob King

    Thanks Vu I appreciate it.