What's YOUR Goal?

What's YOUR Goal?

Note: There is a BIG question at the bottom of this post that I would love for you to answer, looking forward to your response 🙂

I hope your having a great weekend!

When I wrote this I was in Newport Beach California now for 2 days of Fitness Business Stuff. I Love it. Meeting like minded individuals, talking Business & Fitness with motivated energetic people.

Funny enough as I type this I am pretty hung over but hey I live by the motto “Work Hard Play Hard”. We are partying hard tonight so tomorrow I will be in no state to write!

The biggest thing i have learned from this weekend is one thing.


Simple hey? Very, but think about it for a second.


So, what is your #1 goal?


How can you reach your goal IF you don’t have one?

Fitness wise health wise? Put it on PAPER, throw it on your fridge and as Nike says JUST DO IT!

Set a goal, write it down, then take action towards that goal. Don’t waste time with making things perfect, just move forward.

IE I get so many questons every day like

“Whats The Best Cardio”

“Whats The Best Way To Build Muscle”

“How Many Days Should I Workout”

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Great questions, but once you realize that “THINKING” About something does nothing to get your goals. ACTION MATTERS.

So instead of thinking about “What cardio is best” and not doing cardio gets you NO WHERE. Just GO DO CARDIO.

Same with Lifting Weights. It’s better to do something wrong, than do NOTHING.

So don’t shoot yourself in the foot, Set a goal, Take MASSIVE ACTION towards that goal, and adjust along the way.

But #1 SET A GOAL.

So right now grab some paper, write your #1 Fitness Goal, For me its to be 185lb LEANER version of me by Aug 1.

Put your goal on PAPER, throw it on your fridge, and get it DONE.

DO IT RIGHT NOW.  If you have NO Goals, set some Right now!

Post your goals here and let me know them!  Maybe I can help you, or someone else reading this.

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  • Craig

    My goal is to put on 10lbs of muscle on my now lean frame.

  • Nice….. Goals and Dreams is what drives me everyday to be my best…. I love your blog… Putting your goals on paper is a must… I read my short/long term goals everyday… When I reach one.. I add another…. I like how you mentioned… Like-Minded people…

  • Jamie

    245lbs by sept/oct. Trying to reach this goal for a long time now but keep getting out of the mind set to do it. This time myself and my girlfriend made up a little challenge for both of us to hit our goal weight. I hope this can keep me motivated to fulfill our goals.

  • Rob King

    Love it! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to read more!

  • Jeremy Boggs

    My goal is to achieve a physique similar to Jason Statham. I am an aspiring actor and stuntman, being that lean will help me obtain more roles.

  • Jeddore

    i keep facing this 186 lbs barrier that I can’t overcome, I really want to reach 190, even 195 by the end of august.

  • ryan

    my goal has been to be a large 185lbs. the work i do is very stressful on my body but i still workout almost everyday . workouts start heavy then end with a cotoure type workout to finish . physique wants larger shoulders and arms upper back…if you have any suggestions please feel free to write..

  • Tony

    My goal is put some mass in my legs.
    I’m 5’8 – 166.449 lb

    How many times should I work my legs? or… it’s genetic?
    My legs are thin, but my arms and chest, Not!

  • Will T

    My current goals are 150KG bench and 200KG Squats by end of the year! Current bench is 100KG (which I hit 3 weeks early!!) and current Squat is 130KG.

    My way of staying motivated is to tell everyone my goals, so I feel that I must hit them! I also love to train with stronger people, gives me such a push in the Gym!!

  • Ben LaFontaine

    Right now I’m 6’7″ 270lbs. My goal is to be back down to 265 by the end of August

  • Sterling

    Drop from 214 down to199. I want to lose that 2 so bad.

  • steve

    I just lost 40lbs by working out three times a week. and walking the other days off. I weigh 205lbs.
    I just had orthoscopic surgery on my shoulder to repair a dislocated shoulder that occured three years ago..
    My goal is to get back in the gym after my physiotherapy and start pumping the iron again..
    By Christmas I would like to gain 10 lbs of muscle to help me get back into hockey.

  • John

    Right now #1 on my list is to be able to do pullups with out assistance.

  • Cathy

    To look like a fitness model; such as Jamie Eason by the end of the year or sooner!!!!

  • TJ

    Iv’e been in the military now for 3 years and been doing mma for 4, I’m never @ my best in my opinion, I uploaded your book and holy hell man, lots of good info Rob. I have ordered some nootropics to try to get me more focused on my goal which is to get up to 170 again, I can’t seem to keep my weight up in desert, I sweat to much and run around pleasing my NCO’s I guess lol. great looking out for you people Rob keep me posted on the good info!!!! specialist Dooly

  • Serge

    Lost 42 lbs in the past 9 wks in a weight loss challenge at work. Got 3 wks left, but want to hit my target weight of 235lbs by next May. Need to keep my focus and have written my initial weight on a board in my dining room (346.8lbs) so i can see it every time i walk by….

  • bob

    I was fat but i managed to get leaner and had build some muscle untill i finally decided to loose that little last flab but instead i have lost more muscle then fat… I think I should have probably increased the protein intake wile i was cutting down them carbs…

  • ERIC


  • Tanya Coles

    My goal is to reach 120lbs, focus on good nutrition, increase lean muscle and decrease bodyfat percentage by 10%. I’m working hard to reach this goal by December 1st.

  • Gerard

    My goal is to lose my body fat and have a nice trim body by the end of the summer. So far I have lost 13 pounds in a short while. I am getting closer every day to that goal.
    Then I will set my next goal and that is to gain muscle mass….

  • Rob King

    So many great responses THANK YOU!

    Lets see if we can get to 50 By The End of TODAY!!!

    Who’s Next?

  • randy

    My goal is to hit the stage in Novemeber, one more time, a month before my 45th birthday.

  • Gill

    To keep doing what I’m doing, and make it to the 120s 🙂

  • Chris Coffin

    A few goals i have are 1. Put on 10-15 pounds of muscle, 2. Get my cardio and endurance up.

  • Tanya

    Wow! You just totally motivated me. I just read your goal setting comments and I am hyped about sticking my goal on the fridge!! My goal is to lose 20lbs before vacation at the end of September. I have 10 weeks to lose the weight. I currently do cardio 4-5 times per week and a little bit of weight training. To lose the 20lbs, I will stop eating so many bad carbs and do more strength training.

  • Wallace Valentine

    I’m 230 and have a little gut but my goal is to be 215lbs of solid muscle by Oct. 5th………..when I’m expecting my first child (daughter) to be born. My other goal is to be healthy all around for my family.

  • Katherine

    My goal is to reach 150-something pounds, which I never remember being. 🙁 In order to reach that goal I actually have to dedicate to something, and I find it hard to “stay on the wagon,” but also don’t have extra money to spend on trainers and/or gyms to help me through and give me that kick in the bum.

    My main thing these days is running. I run 3-4 times a week and run in a few road races. I usually come close to last, but my goal right now isn’t speed, it is consistency. If I could control my eating and add in 2-3 sessions of strength training a week, I would likely be doing much much much better.

  • Right now, I have two fitness goals:

    1) To PR in the Chicago Marathon on October 10th (3:20 or better)

    2) To be able to do a pull-up with no assistance (any tips for me Rob?)

    thanks for posting this. I already feel more accountable to my goals after just announcing them here.

  • Sheldon Pike

    Want to reach 190-200 lbs but am just losing weight. I eat ~2,500-3,000 Cals a day and hit the gym 2 days on 1 day off 2 days on etc, kickbox 4 days a week. And I’m just staying ~170-175 no matter what I’ve been doing!!

  • Rob King

    AWESOME Jill

    thats why i want people to post, accountability!

    As for the chins I kid you not it’s on my list as a blog post to make tmrw as I had 3 requests for it today!

  • Mel

    My goal is to have my weight somewhere between 165-180, and to see smooth lines when I look in the mirror.

    My workout goal is to get back to consistent… it’s been too long. I’d like to be able to lift weight that I can be proud of, and also, to run!

  • Jonathon

    my #1 goal is to drop down to 200lbs (currently 223)
    I also wanna build my core to help with my bad back & get back into MMA training

  • Mitchell

    To gain 20 lbs. Doesn’t have to be muscle. Just want to bulk up my small frame.

  • Melanie

    I want to get lean and curvy! A.K.A. shed the body fat! I want to find a fitness routine that I enjoy and works well for me!

  • Melanie

    I also want to lose 20lbs in the next 12 weeks!

  • Alyssa

    My goal is to get to a weight where I look and feel fit. To feel confident in a bathing suit. Based on the past, this is about 20lbs less than I am right now.

  • Rob King

    36 Replies!! Awesome…Keep em coming!!!

  • Great stuff Rob. Great meeting as you well in the OC. My goal is to empower 10 million people through my fitness and nutrition programs by 2018. There… it’s out there!

    Keep up the great work buddy!

  • justin n

    Currently I am 170 ish. Want to gain lean muscle, but do not want to gain any fat. Just lean muuscle. I try to eat good cals, take nutra sea, vitamins, and protien blends. Any othe suggestions? I usually train 4-5 days a week.

  • Jason Tucker

    Hey Rob- I want to gain more shoulder strength progressively and lose at least 9-10 kilos.

  • Derek

    I want to gain 50 lb on my deadlift by christmas

  • Derek

    Oops…missed the post deadline by 2 minutes! 🙂

  • Adam

    To get to 205 from a current 225 while maintaining strength and increasing endurance before october.

  • Natasha

    I hate my thighs! Worked hard over the years being in school sports etc… went to University and gained 30 pounds or so.. then it took me 2 more years to get it allll off again… then went back to school and was diagnosed with cancer all at the same time.. … cured and now graduated…but i lost my drive to workout because i was so busy catching up and feeling blah… my legs have more cellulite now than ever… help!

  • Henry Hussey

    My Goals.. Lets See…
    Dead lift 400 in the next 8 weeks.. From 350
    Bench 275 From 225
    and Squat 350 from 285

    I just recently lost 35 Lbs.. So I would like to stay lean during this
    so keep my diet caveman like..
    THE BIG ONE… Let all my Current Injuries Heal so I Can
    get back to Training….

  • Shane

    Hey Rob – I want to gain some muscle mass. I am currently 175lbs and want to get up to around 185lbs. I would also like to get my 1RM bench up from 225 to 275 by christmas.

  • Wayne

    get a little stronger…a little more size, and lose some fat off my abs…to look good in the mirror by the end of August

  • Cheryl

    By Sept. 1, 2010, I want my hard work to have paid off with results I can be proud of! Aka: a nice stomach, back, legs and arms 🙂

  • mike

    I want to be strong. Not necessarily big, but strong. At 165lbs, I sort of like people to underestimate my power. It’s fun to see their faces when I squat 225. My bench is lacking though so i’d like to build that up. Right now i’m at 75’s on dumbells, and i’d like to break into the 100’s within the next year or so. Any tips, Rob?

  • Rob King

    One thing I notice about most goals here is that they arent DEFINED ENOUGH. You need to be precise ok.

    IE Saying “I want to get bigger” or “I want to lose fat” isnt defined enough for your brain. You need it to be like a laser. Tell your brain EXACTLY what you need.

    IE Set a goal, set a date, and set a REWARD OR PUNISHMENT For yourself


    I want to weigh 185lb by Aug 1 2010. IF i weigh 185lb I will treat myself to a full DQ Blizzard and a night of junk food. But IF I DONT get my goal I need a punishment IE I will buy all that food and watch someone else eat it (or something like that)

    Set up DEFINITIVE GOALS< Deadlines < Reward or Punishement 🙂

  • Octavio

    I would like to reach a leaner 195lb version of myself. Trying to lose about 20-25 lbs of fat without losing muscle.

  • josh callanan

    pretty much to get bigger faster stronger… im 200 lbs right now… want to lose a little more fat while keeping the weight up

  • David

    I want to get to 205lbs @ 9-10% body fat. I’m currently 205 @ around 15-16% bf. Basically I want to add another 10-15 lbs of muscle then cut down. I also want to stay motivated, healthy and not loose interest in the gym this time.
    I want to start cutting in 3-4 months from now. I also would like to see my bf% drop during the bulk. While I know It wont be anything significant it would be nice to see a 1.5-2% drop over the course of the next few months.

  • Jesus Lizarraga

    my goal is to hit 4-6% body fat and max out approx 250 by the end of this year. currently 11% body fat andmaxing out 215

    larger goal is to be 215 lbs benching 315 and squatting 515lbs

  • Steven

    Stronger and lose some fat.

  • Larry Baker

    Im at 225 lbs. I want to drop down to around 210-215… have single digit percentage body fat….. then put on another 20-30 lbs of muscle… I want to bench 500, squat 700, and DL 700…. I’m 19… these goals are before I’m 20 1/2

  • Riaz

    My goal??

    Its reaching my Ideal body measurements (IBM) within the next 18-24 months. I have been working out for 1 year. (at home, with very minimal equipments)

    I don’t want to be ripped, cut or shredded. Just to build pure muscle mass, naturally (no drugs or supplements), through hard work. Just want to have a simple muscular look & physique. I am an absolute Ectomorph.

    My target:

    1. arms: 16 inches

    2. thighs: 23.25 inches

    3. waist: 32 inches (don’t want 6 packs. i hate 6 packs. just want a flat strong stomach)

    4. calves: 15 inches

    5. hips: 38 inches

    6. chest: 44 inches (& have a V shaped BACK. Coz I think your chest measurement also includes your back as well, in Total.)

    7. forearms: 12.75 inches

    Plus, keeping my body fat percentage between 10 -12%

    Note: I have reached my lower body target measurements (hips, thighs & calves).
    Just need to shed 2 inches from my stomach, put 2 inches on my arms (biceps + triceps, combined), Add 4-5 inches to my chest (incl. Back) & 1.25 inches to my forearms….. Within the next 18-24 months…. (1.5-2 yrs) 🙂

  • Riaz

    So Rob, what do you think… Will I be successful???

  • Rob King


    AWESOME JOB at having laser like focus with your goals. Thats the way to do it for sure!

    You will do awesome, keep us posted ok!

  • Riaz

    Thank you so much,Rob. Inspiration from successful Achievers like you, Keeps me motivated. Thanks.

  • darren stoker

    Hi rob getting married next july,im 14 stone 10 pounds im in pretty good shape but want to be 15 maybe 16 stone ripped for my wedding,i normally start off doing boxing bags then tredmill before weights is this ok or should i seperate the two.thanks

  • Rob King

    Hey Darren

    most important thing for getting in shape is the food you eat brother. Can’t stress this enough. Any cardio is good, heavy bag work and skipping is awesome, but it wont make up for any poor nutrition so be sure to focus on a good clean diet and timing your carbohydrates ok.

  • James Tipton

    Hey Rob,
    My goal is to reach and maintain 225lbs,I m 6ft 4 inch tall . I’ve already put on 22lbs of muscle. I would like to know about MRP’S ,such as seriuos mass

  • lee

    just want to get my stomach ripped but find it hard always blotted

  • John Raymond

    Hi Rob
    I have been reading your stuff and finding it very helpfull. Throughout the summer i trained for roughly six or seven weeks with know pre determined goal set just going. All that has changed. Today i start six weeks of muscle development. Three days a week making every rep count. It`s been a long time coming. I will be by the store for some post workout supplements because i cannot deal with the pain this time around. Thanks alot……

  • kaz

    Hey, awesome of you to give FREE advice like this to us skinny guys. My goal is to go from my current weight of 175lbs to a solid defined 190lbs. I am 6’2” 21yrs old bout 15% bf and have been hitting the weights since last August but i was lifting ignorantly spending an hour and a half doin insane reps of heavy weight as i can handle 6 days a week no recovery to build the muscle i was striving for. I just started lifting again monday and thanks to your advice i am lifting 4 days a week chest mon.,legs tues. back wed., i rest thurs. and lift chest again fri. I eat 5 meals a day spaced 3 hrs apart i admit i dont eat enough meat in my diet but i eat very healthy, I bench 275lbs which is descent compared to the other guys i see lifting but they have ripped bodies and the size i want. So any advice you would recommend will be greatly appreaciated .I enjoy lifting and if i stay this size forever im still gonna work out. Thanks for your time.

  • Brian

    Im 40 years old,
    My goal:
    Want more muscle and to lose the belly roll,

    Unsure of exact program: Doing weights 3 days a week and cardio 3days.
    Torn, do I lean down or pack on some muscle first then lean down?

  • xavaje

    Hey Rob,
    I am 32, 5’9″ and 205lbs. According to my tanita body scale, I am 27% BF and 51% water. However, when I set it to “active male” it displays that I am 20% BF with 55% water. Do you know how or why there is a disparity on these scales when calculating under the different settings? Now on to stating my goals. I’d like to drop down to 8-9% BF @180-185lbs by Nov 29th 2010. Last year, I was down to 11% @ 190lbs and suffered a broken ankle & sprained knee from a very awkward fall on ice, while running on the sidewalk… Now I have to start all over. I admit and take accountability that my nutrition was less than nutritious (as a bachelor I ordered a lot of Swiss Chalet, Mr. Greek, Sushi and Pizza Pizza). Now that I have come clean; I have been running for the last 2 weeks and feel my cardio coming back very quickly. My knee and ankle do not bother me, I am able to skip in a fast running/knees high motion, so I am confident in my recovery. Strength wise, I feel that my chest and biceps have weakened to the point where they fatigue much faster then any other body part. Needless to say with the extra weight, I can barely complete 7 chin ups on a good day and 4 on a bad day. What can I eat, in combination with supplements to gain some strength back as quickly and efficiently as possible? I am currently Using Charles Staley’s EDT program. I found it to be very effective, with respect to effective programs designed or better suited to a Somatotype of Mesomorph, slightly leaning towards Endomorph. Any, thoughts, opinions, or advice? Thanks Rob.

  • Karl

    my goal is:
    to increase my stamina by running 3 miles in under twenty minutes within the next 6-8 months,
    and i want to increase my press up and sit up numbers up to 80 in two minutes.
    and general keeping in shape adding 2 inches to my arms, 1-2 inches on my forearms, 3 inches on quads and calves and still build serious muscle in the mean time.
    any ideas thanks

  • Sergio

    lose body fat!!! and gain an extreme amount of muscle!!! i wanna concentrate on gettin huge on my chest!! i weigh 171, bench 285, and am 18!! maybe try supplements like NO-explode

  • Rob King

    Awesome Sergio, set some weekly & monthly goals man.

  • Rob King

    Karl you have the right idea going there man. You have your goals down to an EXACT goal. IE the sit ups and the arm size. By having those identifiable goals you will achieve them faster than just saying “I want bigger arms”

    You got the right focus man, good luck!

  • Logan

    Hey Rob,
    My goal is to be 230 lbs with less then 10% body fat by the time I’m 30. I’m currently 2 weeks from turning 28 at 205 lbs . Body fat has never been an issue for me. I’m an ectomorph to the core.

  • Terence

    My goal is to start a bulking phase to reach 200 lbs and get down to 6-8% bf by March. I’m currently 175 lbs 8% bf if anyone has some advice please share

  • rich

    hey i am 175 pounds about 22% body fat, I’ve been working out now for about 8 months and I want to be leaner and lose like 20 pounds and get a 6 pack. I was wondering how I could do this

  • Ben

    My Goal. Is to tone up.. lose the gut and and access fat.. Im 6’1 235lbs so im thinking a lean 205-210

  • Rob King

    Awesome Ben!