Foam Rolling 101

Foam Rolling 101

A few years ago I met a guy by the name of Dean Somerset at a seminar in Edmonton on lower back and core.

It was a two day workshop with some of the best in the world presenting on lower backs and improving core strength.

Dean is one of the guys who has helped rebuild me.

No joke before I met Dean I was a cripple.  I have 1 herniated disc, 3 bulging discs and severe arthritis in my spine.

According to my chiro I have one of the worst backs she has ever seen and my back is on par with an 80 year old.

Not great news to hear from your chiro.

I found out about Dean via T-Nation and started reading his articles on fixing lower back pain and also started watching pretty much every video he had out on back pain.

What I learned was amazing.

From watching Dean’s videos, reading his articles, meeting and learning from him I am able to train again at a VERY high level for someone at almost 40 with a ton of injuries.

None of this would have happened without Dean Somerset.

Some people don’t like to give credit when they reach a certain stage in their training or fitness career.¬† I am the opposite¬† I ALWAYS give praise and thanks to those who have helped me get where I am today both in training and life.

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Thank you Dean Somerset.

One of the big things Dean and I focus on with our clients to help get them moving better is foam rolling.

The concepts contained in Foam Rolling 101 have helped me get the following results for clients:

  • Helped a client with massive pelvic and abdominal reconstructive surgeries deadlift almost twice her bodyweight within 1 year of surgery, pain free
  • Helped a client recover from hip replacement surgery to ski and golf in the same day
  • Re-built my own low back issues to deadlift pain free, and even do the splits
  • Help my wife get back into competitive triathlon following a series of SI joint injuries
  • Help an Olympic gold medalist recover from a hip injury to prepare for the Sochi Winter Olympics
  • Helped a client recover from double knee replacements and walk unassisted for the first time in over a decade
  • Helped a client recover from a double mastectomy and 17 reconstructive surgeries to her shoulder.
  • Helped a distance coaching client with chronic back and hip pain deadlift twice his body weight, pain free
  • Get hundreds of clients out of pain and training with purpose once again

Dean just released a new program on foam rolling and it’s THE BEST.

It’s called “Foam Rolling 101” and I highly recommend you check it out.

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Thank you for ALL you have done Dean personally and from every client that I help.

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