Build A Bigger Bench Press 6 Week Bench Press Program


Build A Bigger Bench Press

6 Week Bench Press Program


This book will cover everything to help you Build A Bigger Bench Press!


  • The reason the Bench Press is called the King of upper body movements


  • How to get an explosion of muscle building growth hormones that translate into bigger, stronger, more durable muscles


  • How training your bench rapidly develops all the other muscles in your body simultaneously – experience these results and you’ll become a firm believer


  • How to dynamically develop the muscle groups that rapidly drive the weight up on the bar


  • The synergists and stabilizers that you will stimulate to assist the target muscles thus building a stronger, more balanced power source inside your muscles


  • The single-handed most important factor for strength and LASTING size in your training routine


  • How to avoid the stoop shouldered ‘old man’ look that bedevils many less well informed bench pressers


  • The defining feature of compound movements that produce better size and bigger strength increases – master these and the volume of weight you lift will astound you


  • A simple technique to build better muscle definition


  • How to place your feet when bench pressing to ensure a volcanic eruption of power through your body – once understood it will seem like you are pressing feathers instead of iron


  • The most important factor in your strength and muscle gain – ignore this and the results you get are going to be dismal at best


  • How to gather and channel the energy losses that rob others of spectacular strength gains


  • Why more is less and can actually see your lifting prowess go down


  • How to ‘disconnect’ the muscles that will willfully try to step in and rob you of strength development while bench pressing


  • The secret to an effortless lift up that conserves all your power for the actual press


  • What to do to avoid debilitating injuries while weight training



Improve Your Bench Press

6 Week Build A Bigger Bench Press Program




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