7 Tips For A Bikini Body

============================================================================Attention Ladies : Looking to build a Bikini Body? Check out My Bikini Body In 42 Progam On Sale For ONLY $9.============================================================================  7 Tips For A Bikini Body I live in Newfoundland and for us "Bikini Season" is for only 3 months of the year, the rest...

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Top 5 Benefits Of BCAA’s

When it comes to building muscle, improving strength and enhancing recovery BCAA's are one of the most effective yet overlooked supplements on the market today. I started using BCAA's about 15 years ago when they were only available in tablets as big as your thumb.  Today...

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30 Day Sprint & Squat Challenge

Today I am putting out to the universe a "30 Day Sprint & Squat Challenge". The challenge is very simple. Every day you have to MAKE TIME to get in 10 minutes of sprints and 100 body weight squats. It's that simple. Sprinting and squatting are two primary motions...

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