Rob’s Nutrition Rules FREE

I love helping people. One of the hardest things to make people lighter, healthier and happier is nutrition. You don't eat healthy to just look good, it also makes you healthier and makes you FEEL good. Looking good and feeling good and you have an amazing combo. One of...

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Presenting at the Training For Warriors Summit 2013

I always tell my students to "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" and this is something I learned from my friend and mentor Martin Rooney. This past weekend was a big step for me personally and professionally. With over 50 people in attendance from 7 countries at the first...

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What A Week It’s Been

What a crazy few days it has been. Friday I flew out from St. John's Newfoundland to Charlotte North Carolina. Now like any flights out out Newfoundland you always expect some hassles.  However having the airport have no working systems at 5am I knew things were not off...

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