10 Sled Variations

I LOVE sled training.There, I said it.  I really do.It's amazing for fat loss, building muscle, improving energy, reducing injuries, full-body strength, speed, power, and more.Honestly, most of my training is based around sled training.  I love the results.The issue with sled training is that...

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Our “Home”

Tonight was an amazing night at HWTC. After coaching 4 hours and doing the HWTC Challenge workout I left the gym on a natural high. Helping people achieve things they didn't think they could do. Seeing people push beyond their limits. Seeing teams bring each other up. Watching everyone finish...

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Are You A Fat Person?

I posted this to my Facebook page and got some great feedback so I thought I would share it here. "Because you have fat ON, does not make you a “Fat Person.”  Fat is nothing more than stored energy. It’s not a judgement, it’s not who...

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