Got Ink?

This is a somewhat personal blog post, I didn't even want to publish it, oh well I have to practice what I preach. "Once you get one you will be hooked." This was said to me a few times when I said I was going to get...

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Wall Walk Planks

Brutal Wall Walking for Serious Power Hand balancing and other gymnastic movements were used by the old-time strongmen such as Eugen Sandow, Otto Arco and Sig Klein. As you know, these physical culturalists had some of the strongest and most ripped abdominals ever displayed. In fact,...

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Training With Lower Back Pain

This is really important for ANYONE Training With Lower Back Pain. I got this question via e-mail and it was TOO GOOD for me not to reply and help. I suffer from it, and it is HELL. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Rob, I've been subscribed to your mailing list for a...

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