Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking is a amazing new cookbook by Dave Ruel & Karin Losier. Dave Ruel is the creator of "Anabolic Cooking".   If you are into taking care of your body and wanting to build a lean, muscular, healthy phsqique then you need Metabolic Cooking! Metabolic Cooking is a...

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Cooking Tips To Burn Fat!

  My good buddy Dave Ruel & his awesome girlfriend Karine just came out with this and I wanted to share it with you! Dave was the creator of "Anabolic Cooking" which is freaking fantastic!  If you don't own a copy, well, you should! Grab this FREE now!...

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Vanessa Tib

Rob King Interviews Vanessa Tib First off thanks for taking the time for this Interview, I really appreciate it! Maybe you can give us some background on who Vanessa Tib is? No, thank you Rob for this opportunity. I was born and partially raised in the Dominican...

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