Heavyweights Customers at the NLABBA 2010 Provincials

Heavyweights Customers at the NLABBA 2010 Provincials

I guess I can start with how proud I am of my customers for their showing at the NLABBA 2010 provincials.

I have been involved in this sport for a long time, a lot longer than I care to admit (I don’t want to age…ahh vanity…). One thing never changes, I love seeing my customers and a friends succeed in accomplishing something they didn’t think they could do,. Something that makes them proud beyond words.

That took place this weekend past a 2010 NLABB Provincials. My customers did me proud and kicked some serious ASS at the show! We had strong representations in all events and weight classes and it made me proud to see it.

Even though I am grateful for all my customers and their support there are a few I gotta give a shout out to.

First off congrats to all my female customers and friend for their amazing showing!!  You gals looked amazing!

Renee Ethridge, Lori Smith, Carolyn Chaplin, Pamela Slaney, Whitney Matthews, Elizabeth Chafe, Brenda Steele Lori Smith, Marlene Bishop, Dawn Piccott, Megan Stanley, Norma Jean Hall, Andrea Stone and anyone I may have missed (please email me if i did!) and of course Michelle Bennett & Cathy Pottle for helping them all backstage.

Shout out to the young guys Brandon Green, Gavin Osmond, Justin Baikie, Jeff Nippard,  you guys will be a force to reckon with in a few years!

Andrew Barnes aka “Drew”

Andrew has been one of my best customers for a long time and I truely appreciate all the help he has given me and my business.

Great job Andrew.

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Andrew Dove

Andrew you looked like a pro on stage. Full thick muscles, crazy frame, and all the confidence on the stage of a prob.

I can’t to see what a few improvements you will bring to the stage in your next show

Chris Russell

I have known Chris for a long time and inspite of his genetics Chris has more heart and love for the sport than most people know. Chris has to work twice as hard to get what most normal people get easy.

Chris your work ethich showed, keep going buddy as everytime you compete you get better.

Erika Emard

I have to give a shout out to Erika. She looked like she belonged on the stage. She did and amazing job and for her first show it was amazing to see her take 3rd place. I am sure it won’t be the last time we see her on stage with her work ethic and passion.

Erika CONGRAT’S on getting 3rd place in your first show!

Erika’s better Haf, I mean Jon Chafe

Not along ago Jon & Erika came to my store thinking they knew it all and were ready to take on “Doing the show” and kicking ass and taking names. It only took a short chat for me to see that they were pretty new to it all, but their passion & drive showed and I knew they would kick ass from that one chat.

Not only that they were both such hard working and awesome people that I had to find a way to give them a job as I KNEW anyone as passionate about the sport and training had to be involved in my business. Nothing replaced passion.

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Jon congrats on getting 3rd in middle weight in your first show, not bad considering I didn’t think you would compete! Props to you my man…

John Perry aka JP

One thing about JP is that he talks way way too much at times (that’s a inside joke as JP is pretty quite most times lol). It was great to see John rise above and get on stage. I know he was wanted this for a while but felt he had to be bigger (don’t we all want that). It was great to see him get up there & shine. John buddy the stage in a few years will be all yours..

Ken French

Ken you looked like a statue from the 2nd floor. You looked like a polished piece of iron, it was crazy!

I even said I that I would hated to be a judge and having to make that decision.

I can’t wait to see you come back with avengance. You’re a great person for the sport in more aspects than people know.

Shawn Gambin

What can I say about Shawn Gambin. Shawn is a throw back to the old school bodybuilders that would calculate their way to a win. They wou;dnt just add 20lbs of muscle in the off season. They would meticulously plan their attack to wining. Shawn did this by planning for a full year, improving immensely on a very polished package on stage.

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Shawn you’re a throwback to Eddie Blanchards and Scott Gillam’s of yester year.

Last but not least is my inspiration, Randy Head.

Randy Head

What can you say about Randy that anyone who knows him doesn’t know. He loves the sport with more passion and enthuasim that someone who got their first muscle magazine. That feeling that doesn’t come along very often.

Randy no one could have come out of that show and not been inspired by you. You are an inspiration to everyone.

Honorable mention goes out to two amazing friends and customers that give more to Newfoundland Bodybuilding than anyone I know. Lee Hawyard & Andy Pratt.

Also wanted to give a shout out to Santana Anderson from Fusion Nutriton & my buddy Chris Johnson from Advanced Genetics for coming to “The Rock” and showing their support.

I want to also say how honored and great it was to meet Zaid, great to meet you and I am honored.

Finally thanks to my staff Courtney & Britney for helping out and of course Sonya from Advanced Genetics.

Great show and great job to everyone competing.  If I missed anyone PLEASE EMAIL ME i will add you ASAP.

I would love some feedback on this post and I hope everyone enjoys it!

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  • Wince

    Congratulations to all competitors. Not only does Heavyweights provide the little extras needed to compliment hard training and dieting but the knowledge Rob and others share with you when you visit puts it in a place all by itself. When you walk into the store you are treated first class and available to talk and advise whatever the situation. No surprise here to see so many positive results from so many friends of Heavyweights. Again great job to all.

  • That’s a nice post Rob. After every bodybuilding show I’m really inspired by the level of commitment and camaraderie among the competitors. I always leave with a renewed motivation to train harder and improve.

  • Jon Chafe

    Awesome Blog Rob, Congrats to everyone and Great job done by all. Shout out to Shawn Gambin, you really took the show man, your conditioning was insane, hope to see you lookin even better next year. Also wanted to put it out there that Randy Head frigin rocks. Your legs are the sickest legs i have ever seen man, i can only hope that one day my legs look even as good as yours did 8 weeks out from the show. Awesome job to everyone at the show, it was an amazing experience for me and i’m sure for everyone else to. Thanks for putting me in your blog Rob.

  • dave pender

    Wow!! Awesome event. Everyone worked their butts off. Congrats to those involved. Superb blog.

  • Mike Hefferan

    Great job on all aspects of the show. I competed at the 1997 show. After a 3 year layoff from training because of work and a couple of injuries I attended the 2010 show and was inspired once again. I am back training and hope to compete at the 2011 show along with a couple of friends from Stephenville. If all goes well we will see you at the 2011 show. Keep up the good work..

  • Rob King

    Nice hearing from you Mike. All the best man and good luck, if i can help in any way just ask ok!