Shawn Gambin – Heavyweights Customer

Shawn Gambin – Heavyweights Customer

First off I have to say a huge congrats to my friend and Heavyweights Customer Shawn Gambin at winning the OVERALL 2010 NLABBA (Newfoundland & Labrador BodyBuilding Association) show.

To me Shawn Gambin is a throw back to the old school bodybuilders like Frank Zane, who treated their body like Art.

Shawn took a full year to improve his legs to balance them with an already crazy upper body.  Most people competing just get as big as possible, not Shawn, he is much smarter than that.

Shawn Gambin looked incredible top to bottom.  He showed no flaws and a perfectly balanced physique on stage.  On top of that Shawn took his conditioning to another level (just check out his back double bicep below, freaking insane!)

I just found out that Shawn Gambin has decided to go to the 2011 Nationals which is awesome!

Shawn I just wanted to say congrats on your win and thanks for being a great customer.  Good luck in your quest for Nationals!

If you ever consider competing feel free to sign up below for more information on how YOU can compete!



Shawn Gambin thank you for being such a great person & Heavyweights customers.

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  • Justin

    What was really great about Shawn was the fact that he “stood out” amongst the competitors in all classes(weight Divisions). Even for a first time show attendee like myself it was easy to pinpoint him as someone truly in a class of his own. Good luck Shawn and to Randy Head at Nationals!

  • shawn

    Hey Rob i don’t mind at all brother!
    I want to say thanks to you and everyone that helped me out for this show.
    I wouldn’t be at this today if it was ‘t for you and all the gang at heavyweights so thankyou and I look forward to going a little further with and see what happens.