21 Day Muscle Blast

21 Day Muscle Blast

My good friends Vince Delmonte & Lee Hayward have teamed up to bring us something BIG for 2011, it’s a 21 Day Muscle Building Program that I am really excited about.  One thing about Vince & Lee is they are not full of B. S. when it comes to building muscle these guys tell it like it is and they say what works!

I have known Lee for a long time now.  He has competed with me at the local provincial bodybuilding level and he has also competed at my show “The Heavyweights Classic” one year taking the overall title and getting name engraved on our tropey The Conan Sword (What a cool trophy, it’s like the Stanley Cup for Bodybuilding!)

Vince Delmonte I have really gotten to know over the last year and he is a true wealth of knowledge.  When it comes to building muscle NATURALLY these guys have a lot to offer!

So right not by going to www.21DayMuscleBlast.com Lee & Vince are giving you 2 awesome reports.

1. The Death Of Bulking

2. The Anabolic Amplifier Effect

Personally I haven’t done any bodybuilding programs in years, but I am HYPED to get this and give it a go!  I am in California & Vegas in Janurary and I could use some more muscle before I go, so I plan to try the 21 Day Muscle Blast plan and try my ass off for 3 weeks to add some quality lean muscle!

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So be sure to check out www.21daymuscleblast.com and grab the free reports Lee & Vince are giving away.  I got them and they are really good quality.  If you want to know how to

I hope this helps you be sure to check out the 21 Day Muscle Blast program!

——-> www.21DayMuscleBlast.com <——————-  Grab these free!!

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