Arnold Classic 2011

Arnold Classic 2011

Arnold Classic 2011

Arnold Classic 2011

Arnold Classic 2011

Well it comes as no surprise to me that the Arnold Classic 2011 Weekend lived up to and even surpassed my expectations.  What an amazing weekend!

I have been to the Arnold Classic Weekend 7 times now (Yes I know, you think it would grow old right…NOT A CHANCE).

This year makes it Arnold Weekend #8 and this year Arnold and Jim Lorimer (he is the main man behind the Arnold Classic Weekend) took things to a whole new level.

I don’t know how they do it but they just keep making it better and better every year.

This year over 150 THOUSAND people came to Columbus Ohio for the Arnold Classic 2011.  Not bad considering the US Economy, and let me say this there was no economy hurting at the Arnold Classic.  I guess people with passion for Health & Fitness know it’s money well spent to be a part of something amazing.

This year I took my good buddy Andy Pratt (he is my business partner for our 6 week transformation program “Rippedin42”, and I also took 4 of my staff from my business (Jon Chafe, Josh Sullivan, Blair Carter & Courtney Gibbons).  I took my staff because of how awesome they are and how much they do for me and my customers.  I could never find a better bunch of people that are passionate about our sport and helping others.

We flew out of St. John’s Thursday afternoon and 7 hours later touchdown Columbus.

Our trip to the Arnold Classic 2011 started off with an amazing moment. In 7 years I have been to the Arnold I have never met “Mr Olympia” Ronnie Coleman because the line ups are about 2-3 hours long to get a picture (crazy huh), this year luck played in our favor and we saw Ronnie and met him for a picture.  Luck and timing was on our side!

Meeting Ronnie Colmean

This really set the gears in motion for an AMAZNG TRIP!

Thursday night we went for a meal that you don’t want to have in your healthy diet, but hey you gotta live once in a while!

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Andy had the great idea to check out a place where the show “Man Vs. Food” took place.  I have never seen the show but I went along any ways.  The food was pretty gross heavy (squash that it was BRUTALLY heavy lol).  I had a bacon burger but the boys went flat out and tried to destroy the “The Dagwood”.

The Dagwood Challenge! (ugh)

Not Smart…after 30 minutes and 3 of them almost dying The Dagwood took the win and the boys ended up with some bloated bellies and a pretty awesome T-Shirt lol.

Team Heavyweights Post Dagwood

Friday was the start of the Expo and I know from past experiences that Friday is a good day to get a lot done.  We got a TON of pics, met some amazing people and had a total blast (as the pics below show).

The US Marines had a booth set up where you had to do Pull Ups with a 5o lb Weight Vest.  I LOVED doin this…not bad after 2 torn biceps ;).  Next year 25 reps for me!

As well the boys Nick Conway and a few others had the “Mutant” booth set up, these guys always treat me good so I gave the “Mutant Mass Pull Up Challenge” A go!  17lb Mutant Mass strapped to my waist doing pull ups!

Here are a sample of some of Fridays pics.  For ALL the pics check out my —-> FACEBOOK PAGE

Newfoundland Boy Frank McGrath

Santana Anderson Fusion Nutrition

Team Heavyweights @ Fusion Booth

242 Thick Bell

Predator At The Arnold Classic

Rich Gaspari Arnold Classic 2011

Friday night we got cleaned up and headed to the Arnold Classic 2011 Women’s BodyBuilding, Figure & Fitness.

WOW What a show.  The level of competition is crazy, and I will never ever ever complain about watching Fitness & Figure girls on stage.  That is pretty much heaven.

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We met some great buddies there as well.  Lee Hayward, Vince Delmonte & Dave Ruel.  Great guys that I have known for years, and it was awesome to chat with them. I couldn’t beleive it was Vince’s first time at “The Arnold Classic”!

My Coach & Friend Vince Delmonte

Saturday is usually crazy day at the Arnold Classic weekend, we literally went to the expo for 10 minutes and left.  In 7 years I have NEVER seen that many people, you couldn’t breath, or move, it was crazy.

So we left the expo, got a workout in and i hit the Mac store where i picked up sweet new 13” macbook air. I am a mac junkie.

Saturday night pretty much one of the coolest nights of my life!  The bodybuilding show was amazing!  If you have never been to the Arnold Classic you MUST put this on your bucket list!

Highlights of Saturday Night
Women’s Bikini Finals (oh ya!)
Strongman Finals (a 242 fat dumbell clean and press overhead)
Gymnastic Brothers (this was a surprise at how amazing it was (watch the video)
and of course The Men’s Finals!

I was BEYOND stocked to see Branch Warren take it this year!  I had Branch as a guest poser a couple of years ago at our “Heavyweights Classic Show” and the guy is a CLASS ACT.  It was an honor to have him, and heading to a club and drinking with Branch Warren is always a great time ;).

Branch Warren 2011 Arnold Classic



242 Thick Bell Clean & Press

As well during the night show Lou Ferrigno receiced Arnold’s “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Big Lou Lifetime Achievment

After the night show we hit the “Party With The Pros” event and it was just a totally incredible experience.  The pics below say it all, the only draw back was a nasty hang over Sunday morning, but it was worth every drink!

Team HW – Arnold Classic Party With The Pros 2011

I’m in sh*t Now lol

Team Heavyweights Arnold Classic 2011

Party With The Pros 2011 Arnold Classic

Rob King, Dave Ruel, Lee Hayward

Heavyweights Staff….We Party HARD 🙂

Starting To Get Messy….


Sunday we got our butts out of bed at 8am to make the 9am Arnold Seminar.  This is really the hidden gem of the weekend.  Not often do you get to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger speak, and it blows my mind just how intelligent, motivated, and giving this man is.  He truly is one of the most remarkable men in the world.  I never miss this seminar because it is mind blowing.

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We then hit the Arnold Classic Expo again for a few more hours, Sunday is always a great day to shop!  I got some GASP clothing, some new supplements, oh and meeting hot chics like Jamie Eason wasn’t bad either 🙂

After the expo we hit the hotel gym for a workout and a swim. 

I made the decision Saturday night to do the 2011 NLABBA Provincial BodyBuilding show, so it’s time to start lifting and eating!

My next goal is 100 push ups at a bodyweight of 180lb.  I got 80..Ill get 100 by May 1!

Team Heavyweights Workout

Soft Tissue Torture In Hotel Room

After our workout we went to a burger joint called “Thurmans”.  Let me say right now that this was by far one of the best decisions I ever made. The food was amazing, the staff treated us like best friends and we just had such a great amazing experience.  Check out these pics!


HW Staff Jon Chafe @ Thurman’s Columbus Ohio

Team HW Donation To Charity

Thurman’s was FULL of Donations On the walls

Heavyweights At Thurman’s

I have to say that this years 2011 Arnold Classic was one of the best experiences of my life.  If you have been there you know how amazing it is, if you haven’t do yourself a favor and GO!  It’s a mind blowing experience and something you will remember forever.

It was a crazy long weekend!

I hope you enjoyed this post, the pics, the videos, I would love to hear from you so feel free to post a comment, a question, or anything at all.

Hope you enjoyed this, I have lots of great stories I will be sharing via e-mail and my blog this year.

Arnold Classic 2011 = AMAZING WEEKEND!!!

For more pics, stories and videos from Arnold Classic 2011 be sure to head over to my Facebook Profile at

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  • Cool read its good to hear your going in for a bodybuilding show!

  • Looked like a great trip Rob,

    Thanks for sharing the story of your team’s adventure. Say hi to Andy for me,

  • Rob King

    Nice hearing from ya Damien! All the best man, keep me posted on your seminars maybe ill come to one.

  • Rob King

    Yep hopefully all the ducks will come in a row, time for a challenge!

  • Great post and great pics. It was an awesome trip and I’ll be going again next year.

  • Robert Perry

    Hey rob, I introduced myself to you at the Goodlife Fitness “gym” on Friday night in mount pearl and mentioned to you that I have recently been feeling front deltoid pain. I remember most of the tips you suggested but you mentioned you had a massage therapist to recommend. I was wondering if you could provide me with that info and if you have the time mention anything else that comes to mind to get that shoulder feeling better. thank you very much for the help so far and you can reply here or the email given.
    -Robert (

  • Rob King

    Hey Rob,

    Nice meeting you and thanks for the kind words, appreciate it!

    First thing is you are more than likely benching too much. STOP benching!! Stop focusing on pressing movements (overhead and espicially bar benching).

    Focus more on pulling (almost double your pulling work compared to your pushing for 6 weeks).

    Add in more horizontal pushing (remember the reverse bench press one, i can get a video if needed to show you).

    ICE ICE BABY! Ice your front delts after every single workout to reduce inflammation (before it becomes scar tissue which hurts way more).

    Find a good massage therapist. Go see Lesley young at King’s Bridge Massage therapy, tell her I sent you ok. 1-2 sessions of soft tissue work with her will help you tons.