Competing at UFE Insurrection

Competing at UFE Insurrection


This year I set some big goals and one of them was to get back on a BodyBuilding Stage at the age of 41.  The last time I competed in a BodyBuilding show was in 2002! I set a goal to get back on the BodyBuilding Stage and UFE Insurrection here in St. John’s was the perfect opportunity.. I love the UFE and the fact that they are a natural show. As well there was about 20 other members from Team HeavyWeights competing, so it was time to man up and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

The only problem was that I’d only really have 4 weeks for fat loss prep.  Not good. In June I competed at the PowerLifting World Championships in Finland for Team Canada.  I had a small cut to lose weight, but when you are in PowerLifting mode the goal is simple STAY STRONG.  If I cut too much weight or tried to lose fat too fast it would cut into my strength big time, so my first priority was competing at Worlds and giving that my best.

I was VERY happy with the outcome at Worlds going 8/9, hitting 3 competition PR’s  and walking away with a bronze medal in Deadlifts.  To be one of the best in the world in my division in deeadlifts was a lifetime goal acheived.  It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

After Worlds I took a few days to “normalize” and then I started bodybuilding show prep, and I only had 4 weeks so there was no time for a slow and steady cut.  I had to go all out.

When I competed at Worlds I weighed 182.5 lbs.  4 Weeks later on the BodyBuilding Weigh In Weighted 170 lbs.  The lightest I have been since 1999!

I really believe that a big goal requires massive action so I started in on a 4 week prep.  I will share exactly what I did for this cut and prep another time so stay tuned.

I was nervous getting back on stage and getting into BodyBuilding mode, it had been 15 years and my body has aged a lot.  However I was surprised how fast the weight came off and I gave every day my best. 


I loved competing again and to get on stage and pose to Conan “Anvil Of Krom” with my Conan sword was an incredible experience (the sword was a prize for a bodybuilding show I had many years ago so it has a lot of sentimental value to me).

Overall competing at the UFE was an amazing experience and it was incredible to share the stage and train along side of so many people from HeavyWeights that were competing as well.

In the end I walked away with 1st in MiddleWeight Masters and 2nd place in Open MiddleWeight division.

It was a great day and something I will remember forever.

None of this would be possible without my HeavyWeights TEAM. To everyone at HeavyWeights Thank You for being part of HW Family. It made me so happy yesterday to see the athletes and coaches accomplish their goals.

Thank you to my training partner and good friend Megan Carroll for her continued support in the gym and for pushing me and bringing out my best. Wings & Beers on me Meg. Time to get back to PowerLifting now, I am done with tanning and shaving lol.

A big thank you to Danielle for everything. From meal prep, to handling so much of the business and putting up with me. Thank you for everything. I promise no more BodyBuilding shows…..for a bit lol.

At 41 years old I feel 25 again in many ways. I really believe that lifting HeavyWeights and eating healthy is good for the body, mind and soul.

I enjoyed the stage but now it’s time to set my sights on some big lifting goals and get some big weights on my back and in my hands. PowerLifting has begun.

As well I wanted to say thank you to the UFE organization.  They ran an amazing show that was done very professionally and treat their athletes extremely well.  I love what the UFE is doing and I highly recommend their shows.  If you are thinking of competing I’d recommend the UFE for sure.







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