Hard Gainers Workout Program

Hard Gainers Workout Program

Being skinny sucks!  How do I know this?  Well pretty simple I grey up skinny with 3 older brothers, which essentially made my life hell and was one of the biggest reasons I started working out! On top of that I am 5 7”, which made being skinny even worse!!

About the age of 16 I started hitting the weights, not really knowing what I was doing.  I had my brother helping me, but I don’t even know that he knew what he was doing (even though he had stacks of muscle magazines lying around his bedroom).

Anyways I bought every magazine, tried every workout, tried every diet, and I BUSTED MY ASS in the gym!!  I was doing everything right, or so I thought….

I was doing everything they told me to do!  Isolating muscle groups, spending 2 hours a day in the gym, 12-16 reps, 12 sets per muscle group.  I recorded every set, every rep, I was on a mission to build me some damn Muscles!

After the first 6 months the gains slowed to a crawling halt.  So I regained my focus, went even HARDER.  Pushed even more, added more weight to every exercises, I did everything right according to the magazines, but the gains just weren’t there.   I was convinced my genetics sucked and that I was a “Hardgainer”.

I kept doing that for about another two years and then something happened.  I realized that 90% of what the magazines are telling me is B. S.  I found a magazine called Muscle Media 2000 that set everything straight and gave me the TRUTH about building muscles, about steroids, and about how magazines sell advertising and that 90% of it is CRAP!

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Fast forward 10 years to the current time and guess what, nothing has changed!  With the internet there are more websites than every before, everyone is an expert and everyone is telling you different!  So what do you do if you are a hard gainer looking for advice and needing the TRUTH on Building Muscle?

Rob King & Vince Delmonte

Meet my good friend & coach Vince Delmonte.

Vinny D is the classic “Hard Gainer”.  His pictures alone show what he started off with genetically.  Vinny is very similar to you and me.  We started off lost & confused, spent many years trying to find what works & what doesn’t.  Spent thousands on Supplements, Books, Magazines etc.

The good thing is that after doing this for so long Vince has “figured it out” and has written on of THE BEST programs on building Muscle For HardGainers!

So what I want you to do right now is click this LINK >> and stop over and check out Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle building.

Click here >> Vince Delmonte No Nonsense Muscle Building <<

Do yourself a favor, get a copy, WATCH IT ALL, and implement it and then share with me your goals and feedback.  For the same cost as 1 tub of protein powder you can find out the TRUTH about building muscle and what is needed for a Hard Gainer to pack on the pounds NATURALLY!

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So check it out, grab a copy, give me some feedback after 6 weeks as I want to hear from you & help you!

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  • Mark

    Hey Rob, Find lots of usefull tips in the emails i receive, but sometimes things get lost in translation.

    I am looking for a high potency and great tasting protien powder, any suggestions on what i should be buying?

    Appreciate the feedback.

    Thanks, Mark

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  • Rob King

    Sorry for the delay Mark.

    Anything you don’t understand reply on my blog and I will try to help you ok.

    I love Myofusion, Opt Gold Standard, Scivation Whey as my primary 3. I will be trying more brands and doing a LOT more reviews for 2011!