Nate Green – The Hero Handbook

Nate Green – The Hero Handbook

If you don’t know who Nate Green is, you should.

I met Nate Green last year at one of my fitness business seminars and he seemed like  a cool dude,  But before I meet Nate I had already bought his book “Built For Show” (Which I HIGHLY Recommend you read!).

Nate Green just released something on his site you NEED TO GET.  Even better it’s free, and doesn’t require you sign for it or anything.

Just go download it.


Click Here it’s FREE  —-> Nate Green – The Hero Handbook

I just printed off a copy to read on my flight to Las Vegas.  I print off so much stuff I get online that I have my own laser printer and binding machine.  No Joke. (Thats my copy to the right)

I can’t to read it as everything Nate Green writes is true quality.  Seriously get this and thank me later.

This is taken RIGHT FROM Nate Green’s Site, I want you to realize just how awesome this is and how amazing it is of Nate to GIVE it away!



From Nate Greens Blog :

A Crash-Course In Building a Badass Body, Getting Your Shit Together, and Living the Life of Your Dreams

I wrote the Hero Handbook for you.

Now I know that sounds weird. Like, who am I to know what you need? For that matter, how do I even know who you are?

Good question. And my answer is very simple: you’re probably a lot like me.

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We both want to live the “good life.” We may not know exactly what that means, but we’re positive it has nothing to do with working a boring job, having a body we’re not proud of, or eating at Applebee’s every day for the next 30 years.

In other words, we don’t want to live like everyone else. We want the best out of life—money, travel, health, a great body, rewarding relationships – and we’re willing to work for it, even if the rest of the world gets lazy.

Another thing: we’re both smart. We want to work hard and use our talents to make our lives – and the lives of the people we care about – a lot more fun and fulfilling. We want to be challenged in a positive way, and we want to reap the rewards of our hard work.

Finally, we both want a heroic body: plenty of muscle, low body fat, and the ability to dominate any obstacle that’s in front of us. Because let’s face it – what good is having the “dream life” when you don’t have the body to really take advantage of it?

The Hero Handbook is a collection of principles, ideas, and action steps that will help you build a great body, and live the life you want.

The tips and action steps in the Hero Handbook is stuff I wish someone had shared with me years ago when I was just starting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

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Things like:

– Defining what you really want out of life then setting a plan to get it
– Gaining muscle or losing fat without sacrificing your social life
– Structuring your day to be the most productive
– Getting out of debt and making good money
– Having better relationships with friends and family
– Setting goals that actually get done
– Letting go of the bullshit, and focusing on things that actually matter

Thanks to the lessons I’ve learned from mentors, conversations with amazing people, and plain old trial and error, I’ve developed a list of rules and action steps to live a remarkable life. And I put them all in the Hero Handbook.

Here’s what I’ve done over the past few years:

– Gained 40+ pounds of muscle
– Traveled in luxury for weeks at a time with only a small bag and my laptop
– Paid off all my debt and started saving for adventures, fun stuff, and retirement
– Started a successful small business
– Consulted with multi-million dollar companies
– Fostered great relationships with family and friends
– Been featured in the LA Times, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness magazines
– Sold my first book, Built for Show, and had it distributed around the world
– Written over 100 articles for online and print magazines that have been read by millions of people
– Trained with some of the best strength and nutrition coaches in the world
– Started this blog where I connect with thousands of people (Over 135,000 last year alone) and help them become their own hero.

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The Hero Handbook – Made For You

Now, our versions of the “dream life” – our desired outcomes – are probably pretty different. As they should be. We can all do whatever the hell we want, which is an incredible freedom.

But the principles of living that kind of life – the behaviors and habits we follow every day  – well, those are the same for both of us.

In other words, there’s a formula to becoming successful in life. (Success, by the way, is up for you to define.)

I think the Hero Handbook will resonate with you on a deep level.

That’s why instead of selling it, I’m giving it to you for free.

Yep, no kidding. There are no strings attached, and certainly no bullshit. You don’t have to pay now or ever.

CLICK to go to Nate Green’ Blog to Download ———–>  The Hero Handbook

To Try Nate Green’s The Hero Workout Check Out ——–> The Hero Workout Program

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  • Hey Rob,

    Awesome recommendation.

    I read and followed the programs in “Built For Show”. I loved it.
    So I don’t expect anything less out of this book.

    By the way… I’m about half way done reading your muscle building nutrition book. Great stuff!