Please Help Lee Hayward (Important)

Please Help Lee Hayward (Important)

Lee Hayward aka “Your Muscle Building Coach” is a good buddy of mine and an awesome guy.

Lee Hayward has forgotten more about Body Building & Working Out than most of us will know in a life time.  The guy is an encyclopedia of Body Building Knowledge.  But this isn’t about Lee’s knowledge.  See Lee NEEDS your help so keep reading.

I don’t know if you have ever heard of “Muscle Dysmorphia”, well it is a mental disease (this is the truth), where someone has a negative self image about being small and having no muscle.  It’s kinda like the opposiite of Anorexia.  Instead of feeling fat and out of shape we feel small and weak.

Well it seems Lee Hayward Muscle Dysmorphia has gone to his brain and caused some permanent side effects.

Don’t believe me?  See the pics below.  Do you think ANYONE Sane would act like this?

This is Lee Hayward before the brain damage.  Myself B0-Bandy and Normal Lee Hayward.

Lee after mental damage caused by Muscle Dysmorphia.

Lee can’t be saved, the damage is TOO far gone. So, I ask you support Lee so that he can get the frontal lobotomy that he desperately needs.


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He makes a living by helping PEOPLE LIKE US Build Muscle!  So please be a friend of ours, BUY Lee’s KILLER AWESOME New Muscle Building Product 21 Day Muscle Blast and help Lee get the frontal lobotomy he needs!  As a friend of mine we would really appreciate it.

🙂 (Hope you had a laugh at this blog post as I thought it was pretty damn funny all the same lol)

In all seriousness you really should support Lee & Vince.  Try their product, give it a HONEST SHOT for 21 Days.  Follow it to the LETTER and post your results here.

Lee and I would LOVE to help you pack on some serious muscle in 21 Days and  LEE & I ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

Check out Lee Hayward & Vince Delmonte’s 21 Day Muscle Building Program by clicking —> (P. S. It’s $60 off if you ACT NOW)

Please Help Lee Hayward :).

All the best to to my buddy Lee Hayward.

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  • Mark

    Funniest thng you have ever wrote!

  • Rob King

    LOL glad to hear it Mark….I thought it was pretty funny. How I got the idea I have no clue….

  • Shawn

    Too funny man!! FYI I got Lee covered 8P

  • OMG… that way nuts, seriously I think Rob needs some help to for taking the time to put that together LOL

    Thanks again for the support. The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been insane. A lot of people have jumped on board and are giving the 21-Day Fast Mass Building program a shot. It’s a totally different way to go about cycling your training and nutrition… Not just the same old boring “Bodybuilding 101 Eat Right & Exercise” type of program.

    Anyway, thanks again Rob for the laugh. Much appreciated.


  • HLK

    thanks man……………… r really good in every field………………..

    a tons of thanks n wishes for al you support (n words that u share with us)

    gods fixes a permanent *-) smile on ur face………………….

    keep chilling………………..

  • Cory

    Ha ha ha awesome! I am on Lee’s and Vince’s mailing lists so you didn’t tell me about this first, but you definitely said it best. Hella funny!

  • Donald Hart

    Great show men,it takes a special people to do this kind of thing !

  • Rob King

    Thanks for commenting guys and best of luck Lee.

    When I get home and have a month to focus in I am going to give it a hard go and follow it to the letter for 21 days and post my results.