Team HeavyWeights at UFE Showdown June 2014

Team HeavyWeights at UFE Showdown June 2014

It was a great weekend for Team HeavyWeights at UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events) competition in London Ontario Canada on June 21.

Our HeavyWeights Team was made up of Ashley Bird (Bikini), Megan Carroll (Bikini & Fitness), Becky Reddy (Bikini), Jenny Barker (Bikini) and Shannon Barker (Men’s BodyBuilding & Fitness Model).  Coaches were Carla Ramsey, Josh Sullivan, Kevin Farrell and of course me :).

I couldn’t be happier with our representation and they all looked amazing and rocked the stage.

A shout out to Shannon Barker coming 1st in Masters BodyBuilding and his wife Jenny coming 3rd in Masters Bikini, as well a great job to HeavyWeights coach Carla Ramsey on a job well done.

If you have interest in competing at a show for fitness, bikini or bodybuilding e-mail me as I am always here to help our clients reach their goals.





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Remember if you are considering competing in a BodyBuilding, Bikini, Fitness or any competition you can E-Mail me and we can help you get started to reach your goals.

My HeavyWeights team and I are here to help you.

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