5 Steps For A Successful Body Transformation

5 Steps For A Successful Body Transformation

5 Steps For A Successful 42 Day Body Transformation


I have coached thousands of people through body transformations programs at my gym HeavyWeights Training Center, our gym is almost a fitness machine for transforming people and getting rapid life changing results.  We have become very successful at this because we do things that work.

We are always learning we are always improving, but in the end we do things that work to get results.

Anyone can give you a workout, not everyone can get your RESULTS.

Here are 5 steps for a success 42 day body transformation program.


1. Take Action

Bottom line is you have to take action. You have to get a little uncomfortable. You have to step outside of your comfort zone.

You have to take action.

Without action there is no results.  You can think all day about making a change, but unless you do something you will not get results and no change will happen.

You HAVE to take action, this is usually the hardest part for most people which is why I always say that you have to “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” and step outside your comfort zone for things to happen.

Without action there is nothing.  So take action.


2. Set A Start Date

Pick a start date, the sooner the better.

Start today.
Start tomorrow.
Start Monday.

But GET STARTED. You need to take action and start, the sooner the better. Don’t delay it, don’t be afraid, do it.

Don’t be a procrastinator and don’t surround yourself with procrastinators.  Get a training partner, or partners, and GET STARTED.

Everyone waits to start their fitness goals on Monday, but the BEST time to start is RIGHT NOW.

The sooner you can start the better, don’t wait, pick a date, write it down on paper and GET STARTED.


3. Set A End Date

For your Transformation you need an end date. You need something to look forward to. Something to keep you focused.

You want to be lift weights, do conditioning and eat healthy for the rest of your life, but to get the ball rolling and to focus on your transformation you need an end date.

From all my years in coaching & doing body transformations 21 days is a great kick start, but 42 days you can really make some incredible transformations.

I have seen incredible transformations in 42 days it’s a huge part of our gym and our results.  It’s not so much the time that matters as the effort and work that goes into it.

There are too many people that do the same thing day in, day out in the gym that don’t get results.

You have to give it everything you got.

Set a start date, set an end date and then get a plan.


4. Follow A Program That Works

There are thousands of plans out there, the most important thing is to find one that works & stick to it & finish it.

Don’t program hop, don’t give it up on Friday & start again on Monday.

Start the plan, do the plan, finish the plan.

Something important is to NOT WRITE YOUR OWN PLAN.

If you are not a fitness expert don’t write your own plan, get a good plan that is proven to work,.

As well IF you are a fitness expert I still recommend following someone’s program and to get a coach.  Even the best athletes need coaches so it’s always important.

Find a good plan and STICK WITH IT.

You can check out ALL my 42 day programs and more HERE.  These programs have helped thousands of people and are proven to work.


5. Become Unstoppable

Let Nothing Stop You From Reaching Your Goals.

Every day you will encounter those that will try to stop you.

Every day you will encounter “Crabs In The Bucket” that will try to bring you down.

Every day you will have people trying to sabotage your fitness & life goals.

DO NOT let this happen, you have to become unstoppable, you have to create a suit of Armour and let nothing and no one stop you from reaching your goals.



It’s simple, grab a pen and a piece of paper or your phone.

Step 1.  Write Your Goal

Step 2. Write When You Are Going To Start & Finish You Plan.

Step 3. Pick Your Program

Step 4. Get Started

The Best Time To Start Your Transformation is RIGHT NOW.


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