San Diego, Valslides & The Bootcamp Girls

San Diego, Valslides & The Bootcamp Girls

I am writing this blog post from Sunny San Diego!

I’m here “On Business” networking with some of the smartest trainers so that I can become a better trainer and help my members and of course you, if you are reading this e-mail.

One of the coolest people I met this weekend were “The Bootcamp Girls”.  Great girls with total passion for helping others.

You can check out their 21 Day Belly Blast Diet at

Here is me and my bro Luka Hocevar hanging with “The Bootcamp Girls”  at Seaport Village coffee shop brainstorming.

Meeting the creator of “The Valslide” Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters

Bunch Of Crazy Fitness Professionals

This may shock you but this whole trip I didn’t workout once.

That is something very rare for me, 3 days off.

BUT it is very very important to take time off, it’s something that is very very neglected but crucial in your training.

I went hard the last 4 weeks, 5 days a week doing twice a day workouts, after doing something like this I always like to take a week off from weights.  It gives me a chance to recharge and it also motivates me BIG TIME to get back at it!

I plan to start lifting again Tuesday and I can’t WAIT To get at it!  So sometimes taking a break from lifting is the best thing you can do to re-motivate, give your nervous system a break, and also let your joints heal up.

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I usually recommend that you do 6 weeks of intense training followed by 1 week off.  On that week off just go with mild cardio, body weight, stretching and lots of soft tissue work.

Yes I know a week off to some people might seem insane, but trust me it is one of the best things you can do.

So here is how I do my training, and this works big time.  So use this if you want to steal it 🙂

Step 1 – Have a workout PLAN.  Don’t just go and lift, have a PLAN. Have a plan and Set Goals!

Step 2 – Go with a 6 week plan, I find 6 weeks perfect to avoid burn out. It’s long enough to get gains, and not long enough to burn out.

Step 3 – Every week set micro goals.  IE. Every week have a goal you want to attain (IE Add 10lbs to bench press, increase squat by 1 rep, etc).

Step 4 – Use the 90/10 Rule.  If you do everything right all week, then have a treat meal Saturday and enjoy yourself.

Step 5- BUST YOUR BUTT For 6 weeks and get your Goal(s)

Step 6 – Take a week off and let your body heal up.

That’s it!

I do this all the time and it works awesome.

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So give my 6 weeks on, 1 week off plan a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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