Warrior Built 2.0 Update 1/2 Way Point

Warrior Built 2.0 Update 1/2 Way Point

Warrior Built 2.0 – 1/2 Way Update

So Saturday past was the 1/2 way point of my 6 week Warrior Built challenge.  Andy informed me Saturday that  everyone is making awesome gaines and that few of the guys are really taking things to another level so it’s time I try to step things up a notch!

Things are going great so far but with 3 weeks left I am really need to step things up to get under 180 lb (which was my goal).

Saturday i was in Halifax and couldn’t make the workout but even while in Halifax i ate clean 90% of the time (not an easy task), and hit the gym for 2 awesome workouts hitting cardio, circuit weight training & stretching so I could keep on pace. (One thing i noticed is it’s amazing how airport food is CRAP and eating good healthy food is hard to do!) Tim Hortons Fruit Explosion dounuts are not “HEALTHY” LOL.

But now I need to take things to another level and here is how I plan on doing this.

  • Bump up my steady state cardio adding in 45min min for 6 days a week (it’s boring but it helps and doesn’t cause soreness, if anything it helps me recover)
  • Adding in Tabata Cardio 3 days a week (A blog post coming on this soon) basic premise is HIT cardio like this Sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10, repeat 8-10 times.
  • Cut carbs back even lower.  I will try to have them only every 2nd to 3rd morning and only post workout.  My carbs will be mixed berries & banana post workout.
  • Bump my fish oils to about 30g a day.
  • Bump my general energy expenditure (more walks, more movement, just generally move more…sounds funny but it works)

So I have less than 3 weeks and my goal is going to get done!  When I finish this I am going to enjoy 1 day of food and get my junk and cheating done and go right back to clean eating as to be honest I am loving it!  Energy is better, mood is better, my recovery & strength is down but low carbohydrates will do that.  The good thing is once I reach the leanness I want I can ADD more good carbohydrates back into my diet and I can maintain the level of bodyfat without as much “work”.

Ill have another update next week.  We have pro MMA fighter & UFC competitor Jeff Joslin in for 3 days for training & seminars so I will get some crazy workouts in for next week and post it up!

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