My First Blog Post On

My First Blog Post On

I LOVE being a coach.  LOVE IT.

So I am pretty happy that today I got my first blog post feature on

I have big plans for me as a coach and business owner this year.  2011 was an amazing year and I plan to top in for 2012.

One of the areas I love is helping other trainers & small business owners.  Bottom line is running a small business is damn hard.  There is a reason 4 out 5 business’s fail and 9 out of 10 Fitness Business’s fail.

Did you know that the Gym Business had one of the highest rates of business closures 2010.  Scary thought.

So if I can help any other personal trainers, coaches, small business owners I will.  I love to help people.

Helping clients get the BEST Supplements for their dollar value and helping other trainers make more money is a win win situation.

Super-Trainer is s a great resource for Personal Trainers.  I suggest you check it out.

The site is

You can check out my blog post at


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