What Is A Hurricane Workout?

What Is A Hurricane Workout?

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So you want to look like an MMA warrior but don’t want to get punched in the face?  No problem. When you said look like one, I’m sure you meant the chiseled physique of today’s superfighter, not the broken teeth, scars and cauliflower ears!

The days of long slow distance to lose fat have been body slammed by recent science.  If you are beating yourself up with mindless low intensity aerobic work, it is time to choke out your old habits and get some real results.

Here’s the great news. There is a method of training called the Hurricane that will not only get you ripped with a muscular physique, but is also easy to perform, an exciting change from your regular routine and can take less time to produce more results!

If you want to lose body fat, build muscle, get mentally tougher and improve your cardiovascular capacity, then dare to enter the Eye of the Hurricane.


Hurricane Training is one form of metabolic conditioning used in the Training for Warriors system. Although it was originally used only for fighters, athletes of all sports have used this style of training.

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A hurricane is a powerful, yet brief storm that leaves destruction in its wake that then calls for renewal and rebuilding.  Hurricane Training relies on the same destruction and renewal of a fighter’s body and has been used to produce both the physical results and world titles my warriors have achieved.  Martin Rooney first used this method ten years ago with his fighters to mimic the demands of a mixed martial arts match. This has been proven to now be the perfect form of training for everyone, regardless of his battle aspirations.

In nature, the more powerful a hurricane, the more damage is left in its path. As a result of storm intensity, there is more time, energy and resources that have to be spent to rebuild the region bigger and better than before.  When you apply this same principle of intensity and destruction in the gym, you can take advantage of numerous metabolic and hormonal responses that will produce unprecedented results.


How Does the TFW Hurricane Training System Work?

Hurricanes are categorized using a scale from 1-5.  Category 1 is the easiest and Category 5 will be the most demanding and potentially productive.  Every Hurricane utilizes nine sets of cardiovascular training (we prefer treadmill or ground-based sprints).

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For Hurricanes 2-5, two different body weight and/or weighted exercises are performed after the first 3 sprints (Hurricane Round 1).  Then two new exercises are selected to coincide with the next 3 sprints (Round 2) and again for the last 3 sets (Round 3). So a Hurricane Workout equals 9 total sprints and 18 sets of weight training to be completed in 20-30 minutes.  Talk about intense!

Hurricane workouts are done 1-2x’s a week. The other workout day’s will consists of an Upper Body day and a Lower Body day. Check the Warrior Community to see more details about the other training days.

Sample Hurricane:

Category 2

Indications: As your recovery time improves, body weight and abdominal med ball exercises are introduced during the recovery portion between the sprints.   The sprints are lengthened to 20 seconds.

Methods: All of the sets are performed as quickly as possible.  HR can still be monitored, but 120 bpm is not required to start the next set.

Sample Circuit: 9.0mph X 10% grade for 20sec for 3 sets with med ball toe touches X 10 and diamond push ups X 15 10mph X 10% grade for 20 sec for 3 sets with med ball Russian twists X 50 and burpees X 10 11mph X 10% grade for 20 sec for 3 sets with pike ups X 10 and regular pushups X 10

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Whether you are a fighter or just want to look and train like one, Hurricane Training is for you!  
Using this workout, your old routine will have no choice but to tap out. Try the Hurricane of the Week, to elevate your fitness to a new level!

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