Ashley Bird Transformation – From Wheel Chair To Power Lifting Platform

Ashley Bird Transformation – From Wheel Chair To Power Lifting Platform

Ashley Bird Transformation – From Wheel Chair To Power Lifting Platform

At Heavyweights Training Center we are know for our Fat Loss Transformation, but something that is important to me is doing my best to help people with back pain and back injuries overcome their limitations and get stronger, have less pain and overcome.

I told Ashley that IF I was to help her that she needed to compete in a PowerLifting competition to which she said “That’s not gonna happen“.

I told her that I would rebuild her and that being as good as she was before was not acceptable. I wanted a stronger version of her.

When I coached her to get on the platform and compete it made me very happy.

Coming from my own back problems for years to help others overcome and get stronger and pain free is very important to me.

Never doubt what you can do and always believe in yourself to find a way.

I am very proud of you AB.



I started at Heavyweights almost a year ago after purchasing a gift card for my boyfriend to join the Builtin42 program.

He did two programs by himself and I decided it was time for me to join him.

I was very hesitant because I had suffered a severe back injury a few years prior and I hadn’t met a trainer between BC and Newfoundland that knew how to work with this sort of injury.

Let me back up….

I grew up playing competitive sports.

I played provincial soccer and volleyball and was a member of Canada Games downhill ski teams. Then I discovered Rugby…well I was in love!

I ate, slept, breathed Rugby.


Ya that’s a word.

It was my whole life and I dedicated everything to it. I started studying more so I could get into a good University just so I could keep playing Rugby. Needless to say I became pretty successful as I played for my University team and on to play for Canada. I was at the top of my game and at the top of the world.

And all of a sudden…BAM!!

I woke up in a hospital in Alberta with 2 cracked vertebra and 3 herniated discs.

My Rugby career was over, along with every other sport, seeing as I couldn’t walk or even stand straight.

I went through years of physio therapy, I couldn’t sleep without strong pain medications and I started to gain weight and lose muscle. I can’t say that I ever lost confidence or self worth but I most definitely lost a huge part of myself and needed something to bring it back.

I did two Built programs with Josh and Kevin and they were amazing!

I always had pain but they helped to modify exercises so I would be more comfortable.

During graduation from my second program, my boyfriend told Rob about my injury, and that was that…he was determined to get me strong and lifting heavy without pain.

I think he might be a wizard because within 3 to 4 weeks I was lifting a 243lb conventional deadlift off the floor. Before training with Rob, I couldn’t lift a kleenex box off the floor without pain.

So that’s why I go to Heavyweights, that’s why I’m loyal and that’s why I will never leave.

Rob and everyone at Heavyweights has given me back that “thing” that I lost and I am forever grateful!


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Update on Ashley’s story.  After competing in her first PowerLifting show she recently also competed in her first Bikini show at the UFE.

This shows that with the right coaching, goals and dedication anything is possible.

Way to go Ashley!



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