Suzanne Dollimont Transformation

Suzanne Dollimont Transformation

Tonight, HWTC Transformation & Success Story Suzanne Dollimont shared her struggle on the local news.  Hers was not a struggle about weight loss, but a struggle with getting the health care to cover the cost of a needed surgery.

You can watch her story on the the NTV news by clicking here.

I wanted to re-share her story and her transformation.

You have done an amazing job Suzanne.  Keep helping others and keep fighting the good fight.


“Rob you just inspired me to share as well, hope no one minds. I have battled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Last year I got a severe wake up call at a doctors appointment when I was told I was borderline diabetic on top of struggling with Crohn’s disease, severe post-traumatic stress, asthma and arthritis.

I am a single mother of a beautiful six-year-old daughter.  At the time, she had turned 5 and the doctor said that if I wanted to be around to see her grow up, I had better do something about it.  I thank God for that trip to the emergency room everyday. My work and my life were affected every day by my health.  There were days I couldn’t get out of bed, let alone properly care for my daughter.


From September to December of 2011, I managed to lose 10 lbs, and I thought that was hard. Then, my New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to just do it, no more excuses!  I always tried all of the diets, and when things were going well, I would get sidelined with good ol’ binge eating.

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I studied and studied every article I could find about diet and exercise and got started.  I lost 84 lbs. on my own.  Then, in September I stalled.  I stayed stalled for 2 months.  It was then that I discovered Heavyweights.  Thank God I did!  I am stronger now then I have ever been with the coaching from Rob & the Heavyweights team.

I am happy to update that since November I am now at 108.6 lbs gone!

SuzanneafterI am absolutely addicted to my fitness, and loving being so healthy.  I am no longer at risk for developing full-blown diabetes, my Crohn’s is under control, my asthma hasn’t flared up in a long time, and I have not one bit of joint pain.

Thanks to all of you that are in the gym…it’s such a great environment!”


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