Synika Gee – HWTC Best Transformation

Synika Gee – HWTC Best Transformation

This is a guest blog post/story from a great person, friend and Heavyweights Training Center Coach Synika Gee.

Her transformation is amazing, her story is amazing, and her strength both inside and outside the gym is simply incredible.

Congrats Synika, Stay Strong!


In 2005, things got turned upside down for me without warning.  

My husband had hurt his back, and after surgery and years of therapy he was finally told that he was going to be permanently disabled.  Then, as happens to many of us, life took over its grip on me, and I lost.  I was at my max weight of 307 pounds, and to say the least I was very unhappy.  

I now see that I was suffering from depression, but at the time of course would not admit that to myself.  I would cry all the time, even crying myself to sleep every night, trying to understand why this had happened to me.

To cope, I was eating the things that comforted me, thinking that they would make me feel better. I would make excuses day after day, always thinking that “tomorrow” would be the day I became healthy and lost the weight.  After a while, I stopped playing with my kids, going out in public, and, in a new city, would not even attempt to make friends.  

I wouldn’t even get a picture with my kids.  

I even wondered how they would ever know who I was if I were ever taken away from them.  

There would be no memories for them to hold on to, simply because I was so sad and unhappy.

In February 2011, I really woke up.  After not being able to climb a flight of stairs, I finally said “no more.”  Who would be there for my kids? At this rate, I was killing myself.  I reached my breaking point.  I started to go to the gym.  I was “going through the motions” as they say.  I was still crying all the time, and seeing minimal results.  I kept saying to myself, “Well, at least I am still going to the gym and making an effort.”  Then, after a considerable about of time had passed,

I had hit the proverbial brick wall and felt myself slipping down that dark hole again.  

It was then that a friend told me about Heavyweights.

I made the hardest decision of my life.  I walked through the doors of Heavyweights embarrassed, and holding my head down.  I was scared as hell, as I signed up for “Ripped in 42.”  

Many times I wanted to quit and walk away, but Rob King was always a positive force.  

He was incredibly motivating.  

For someone who didn’t not even know me to give that much energy and care about my success… how could I quit?  I resolved not to quit on myself or my kids.  

I wanted to be that person; the person who my kids can proud of, as they say “That’s My MOM.

In 42 days I finished the program and was feeling healthier and happier.  I no longer cried myself to sleep at night, and was able to put everything in order and perspective.  I was given a new outlook on life and learned to be a positive role model for my children. But I couldn’t stop there.  

I still struggled with how people saw me, and with how I saw myself.  I went on to do ‘Built in 42,’ ‘StrongHER 42′ and am now a member of the best, most amazing group of strong women in the Cardio Elite group.  

They inspire me every time we train.

Also, because of the amazing staff, I have accomplished some things that I honestly never thought possible.  For instance, I have recently competed in a powerlifting competition…who knew I had that in me?  Not me, for sure!  People say that Heavyweights is their “happy place” all the time.  I can honestly say that for me, that is 100% true.  Not being from Newfoundland, I can still say this is my home, and these are not my friends…they are my family.


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