Branch Warren

Branch Warren


Meeting Branch Warren was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life.

We had Branch Warren in back in 2009 for The Heavyweights Classic BodyBuilding show, and man did he bring it that night!

But first let me back up to first meeting Branch. If you have seen him in the magazines you would swear the guy was a hardcore, intense, angry dude! Let me tell ya he is the farthest thing from it!


Branch Warren was totally laid back, easy going guy with no attitude at all. It was hard to picture coming out of this beast, but the guy was super cool and laid back.

After dropping him at his hotel for a few hours we went and picked him up and headed down to our Jungle Jims. Not often you get to hang and shoot the sh*t with Branch Warren! The one thing I noticed is that man can he eat! However he kept it clean and never blew his diet that day.

We dropped Branch off again as we had some “work” stuff to do for the HWC.

After about 2 hours we were meeting with Branch to head for a workout. I asked him if he needed anything before the gym? Food, Pre Workout etc?

His reply?

“I got a coffee, I’m good”


Not long after me and my buddies Fraser & Jamie were training “with” Branch Warren!

More like we were training and WATCHING in Amazement at Branch Warren.

After his warm up he grapped the 70 lb dumbells, I thought he would be starting his warm up with some dumbell shrugs.

I was wrong, very wrong.

Branch then proceeded to toss around 70 lb dumbells for front problem..Light Weight!

By now you could pick my jaw jaw off the floor.

Branch then kept “uppin the weight”. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, right up to 100 lb front single arm dumbell raises.

Totally fukin amazing!

Needless to say the rest of the workout we couldn’t do anything but pretty much watch in amazement.

  • 275 lb front presses for reps
  • 80 lb Side Laterals
  • 80 lb Bent Over Laterals

No big deal hey…. Branch Warren is THE MAN!

Next up was show time and Branch was our guest poser, and man he brought the house down!

500 people on their feet screaming and freaking!

Good times were to be had by everyone in attendance that night!

If you were there you remember it, if you missed it you missed one helluva show!

Later that night Branch came out with a whole bunch of good friends.

Such awesome people as my girlfriend Danielle, Art King, Andy Pratt, Lee Hayward, Patricia Crocker, Dave Ruel, Mike Benoit and many other awesome Heavyweights Customers & Friends!

Branch and all our crew had some shots, shared some drinks and had a killer time.

5 am comes to fast and Branch had to be at the Airport for 6am, So we then got Branch home, he had a great timed and said he would love to come back and party again with us soon!

Branch Warren, awesome dude, awesome times….


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All the best Branch Warren & Thanks Big Time!

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