Give This Leg/Glute Complex A Try

Give This Leg/Glute Complex A Try

A great way to get results and to have some fun with your workout is to do a “complex.”

Doing a complex is very simple  you take 2+ exercises and pair them together.

In this complex below I pair up three lower body dominant exercises Kneeling Band Hip Thrusters, Squats & Kettlebell Swings.

You can do all three in a row or rest in between.

This complex is

A1 – 8 Kneeling Band Hip Thrusters

A2 – 8 Bar Squats

A3 – 8 Kettlebell Swings

You can vary up many things to have fun with this complex.  Rep Range, Rest Time, Tempo and more.

Give it a try and your glutes may hate you now but they will thank you later :).


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